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Costway Ice Maker Not Making Ice

7 Ways To Fix Costway Ice Maker Not Making Ice Issue

After using the Costway ice maker for 3 months suddenly my costway ice maker not making ice and automatically switched off. After that I know, it will require time to time maintenance. 

In this article, I will share with you the troubleshot steps to solving the not-making ice issue in your Costway ice maker. To know how to fix it just stay with us and read the whole article. 

How To Fix Costway Ice Maker Not Making Ice Issue

  1. Adjust The Water Level
  2. Replace The Water Filter
  3. Clean Your Ice Maker Components
  4. Proper Install The Water Line
  5. Reset The Costway Ice Maker
  6. Clean The Motor
  7. Repair Or Change The Power Outlet

Adjust The Water Level 

If your Costway ice maker is not making the ice cubes then the first step which you apply in your ice maker is to check the water level of your ice maker. 

If the ice maker’s water level is turned off or set to a lower level then adjust the level into the middle of the marked line in your ice maker. While changing the water level must turn off the ice maker for security purposes. 

Replace The Water Filter 

If you use the ice maker water filter too many times then there are probably lots of impurities and bacteria stored in that filter and it will also start damaging. 

So that your ice maker is not making ice cubes, water filters also affect your taste of the ice cubes. Simply remove the components of your ice maker and check whether the water filter is cleaned or not. 

If the filter is damaged, then replace the filter with a new one. Keep in mind that, before replacing the water filter must consider which ice maker model you have. 

Clean Your Ice Maker Components 

While water flows into the ice maker sometimes some debris and small-sized obstacles are stored there so that your ice maker faces problems while the water is flowing. 

So, remove the ice maker components carefully and clean the components using a clean cloth. After that re-arrange the component and use the ice maker. 

Proper Install The Water Line 

If your ice maker is causing the water leakage issue then your ice maker is not able to produce the ice cubes because your ice maker is not getting sufficient water to make the ice cubes.  

To fix this issue, simply identify exactly in which part the water leaks. After finding the leak part simply repair it. If the part was broken then replace that part with a new one or if the screws are loose then simply tighten the screws. 

Reset The Costway Ice Maker 

It is one of the best and most effective ways to solve the costway ice maker not making ice issue. But keep in mind that when you reset your Costway ice maker all your custom settings are deleted it will be automatically set by default.

Resetting the ice maker not only helps to fix the making issue but also helps to fix the glitching and other normal errors.

Some ice makers come with a direct reset button, and some are not. Check the manual instruction book to learn how to reset your ice maker.

Clean The Motor 

If you don’t clean your ice maker motor from time to time, then it will cause ice-making issues. During the making process sometimes water overflows and on the other hand, sometimes obstacles issue caused by your motor.

Also, if you see any damage or broken parts in your motor then replace the motor with a new one. I would recommend you contact their customer service to replace the motor.

Repair Or Change The Power Outlet 

It is also a reasonable reason why your costway ice maker not making ice because your ice maker needs the proper amount of electricity so that it will make the ice perfectly. 

If the power outlet has an issue or not supplying the right amount of electricity then change the power outlet and try a different outlet. If still, the problem occurs with you then contact their customer service center.

These are the 7 troubleshooting methods to fix the costway ice maker not making ice issues. Now let’s discuss with you the most common issues which you can face in Costway ice maker and personally, I face these 2-3 issues which I share below. 

What Is The Lifespan Of Costway Ice Makers?

Costway Ice Maker Not Making Ice

Well, a costway ice maker’s lifespan is between 2 years to 5 years. On the other hand, the lifespan of the ice maker depends on several factors such as how you will use that ice maker, how many people use the ice maker, how many times you will use it, whether you are taking care or not, etc. 

If you correctly take care of your ice maker then it will provide you with more than 5 years of lifespan. Plus if you clean the ice maker from time to time and correctly maintain then it will provide you the best performance for a long time. 

Most Common Issues In Costway Ice Maker

Takes too much time to make ice: This problem is very common and you will face this issue on all ice maker brands. Even I also face this issue more than 20 times. This issue happens when your ice maker’s filter contains dust or the filter is damaged. 

Produce too much noisy sound: If your Costway ice maker’s motor is damaged or cracked or there are any parts are junked then it will produce a high high-pitched amount of noisy sound. This issue happens when you don’t clean your ice maker components from time to time. 

Make small-size ice cubes: Sometimes your ice maker starts to make small-sized ice cubes and you want large-size ice cubes. It is also a very common issue so don’t be worried about it. This issue happens due to the wrong setting. Basically, Costway comes with 3 different level settings for ice cube sizes. If you want large ice cubes then simply select the large level setting options in your ice maker.

The light is turned on but the ice maker is not started: Sometimes you turn on your Costway ice maker and the light blinks and turns on but the ice maker is not started. This issue happens when your ice maker is not getting the right amount of electricity or is over the amount of electricity. 

Produce too much ice: This issue happens when your ice maker’s water pipeline is damaged or the wrong thermostat setting is in your ice maker. 

What It Means When costway ice maker keeps saying add water?

Costway Ice Maker Not Making Ice

Well, if your Costway ice maker says you add water then it indicates that your ice needs more amount of water so that it can make ice cubes. 

On the other hand, simply identify whether the water pipeline works correctly or not. If the water pipe line worked correctly replace the filter. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Costway a reputed company?

Answer: Costway is a very famous and reputed company in both the U.S.A and Europe. Costway started her journey in 2008 and now it is one of the leading brands in the US market.

What products does Costway manufacture?

Answer: Basically Costway started his journey in 2008 and the company manufactured home appliances products. In the beginning time, the company sells its products on different online shopping sites and now it has its own official site.

Is Costway Ice Maker value for money?

Answer: Yes, costway’s ice maker is value for money even though I have personally used their ice maker for more than 1.2 years. According to my experience, it is worth the money.

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Costway ice maker not making ice is a fully common issue so don’t be worried about this. Because by following some simple troubleshooting guide you will easily fix this issue. I hope this article is helpful for you. 

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