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Disadvantages Of Karndean Flooring

11 Disadvantages Of Karndean Flooring Which You Must Know

If you are a karndean flooring lover and want to install it in your house, then before installing it is very important for you to know what the disadvantages of karndean flooring are.

Because every product has its own advantages and disadvantages, to know the disadvantages of this floor read this whole article from start to end. Let’s start.

Disadvantages Of Karndean Flooring

  1. Scratching 
  2. High Price 
  3. Not Suitable With Vacuum Cleaners 
  4. Separation Issue 
  5. Started To Fade When Sun Light Is Fall
  6. It Is Burnable With Fire 
  7. It Is Not Fully Waterproof 
  8. It Required Professional Installations 
  9. Need Regular Maintenance 
  10. It Is Very Difficult To Repair 
  11. Stain Issue

Scratching is an issue that is very common in Karndean flooring. When you move any sharp object or any heavy object in Karndean flooring then you will face scratch issues. 

Karndean floor layers are very weak and they can’t handle heavy objects when you drag and move them. On the other hand, pets are also causing scratching issues. 

If you want to install the Karndean floor in your house keep in mind that you will face this issue. Karndean floor also comes with lots of verities if you install its expensive version then the scratch issue is a little bit prevented because its expensive version is protected with high-quality fabrics and fiberboard.

The high price is also a very common issue on Karndean floors. Karndean floors are very strong and durable but its price is a little bit expensive as compared to other floors at this price segment.

On the other hand, As I mentioned in the above section Karndean floors are not fully scratch-proof. At this price segment, there are lots of hardwood floors and vinyl floors are come with scratch-resistant features. 

Vacuum cleaner is the most popular floor cleaning product that cleans any type of floor very effectively. But Karndean floors are not suitable for vacuum cleaners. 

It does not matter which vacuum cleaners you have such as robot vacuum cleanerswow content vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners, floor cleaning vacuum cleaners, etc. 

Beater bar vacuum cleaners are highly recommended especially on Karndean floors. The reason is, that the beater bar vacuum cleaner’s front part rotates very fast and it can cause a scratch issue on your floor. 

When you move some heavy-weight products such as a dining table, or furniture then because of its poor subfloor you will face separation issues and you will face buckle issues on your floors. 

It is also a very common issue on Karndean floors. If you install the Karndean floor directly under the sunlight then it will fade very fast because it is not able to handle the direct sunlight because of its poor fabrics.

I know it comes with UV protection, but it does not handle too much UV light and it will start to fade very quickly. 

If you want to install the Karndean floor in your kitchen then I will highly suggest you avoid this mistake. Because Karndean is highly burnable with fire it will quickly burn when a little bit piece of fire can destroy your whole flooring. 

Basically, Karndean is water resistant but not fully waterproof. I don’t recommend you install the Karndean floor in water areas because it will start mold issues and damage its layers.

You can clean the Karndean floor using water but I don’t suggest you use too much water while cleaning. 

If you want to install the Karndean floors and you don’t have sufficient knowledge and experience with Karndean floors then I highly suggest you hire a professional for the best installation.

If you don’t have experience and knowledge about it and have tried to install a Karndean floor in your house then you don’t get that type of finishing look that you expect from it. Plus if you don’t place the floor properly then you will face buckle issues. 

Karndean is a type of floor that needs regular maintenance. It means you need to daily swipe your floor and clean the floor. Otherwise, Karndean floor start to get moldy. 

In terms of repairing it is very difficult to repair any particular area. It means if you have scratches on your floor and want to change any part you need to hire a professional to fix that issue and it takes lots of time because the repair process is very tricky and time-consuming. 

If you don’t take care of your Karndean floor from time to time and don’t clean regularly then you will face stain issues on your floors and once a stain issue is caused it is very difficult to remove it. On the other hand, it can also need replacement. 

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Why Will You Chose Karndean Floor For Your House?

Disadvantages Of Karndean Flooring

In the above section, I will discuss with you the disadvantages of karndean flooring. There are lots of reasons that are dependent on exactly why you will choose a Karndean floor. Below we discuss with you some reasons why you chose this.

  • For Stylish Look 

If you want to get a stylish interface and give a gorgeous look to your house then you can use Karndean Floor because it comes with lots of varieties and is available with lots of designs giving you the best interface for your house.

  • If You Daily Maintain 

If you can daily maintain your Karndean floor such as cleaning and swiping then you can use this floor because it needs daily and regular maintenance.

  • It Last Long

If you want to floor that lasts very long then you can use this floor because Karndean floors are made with high-quality fabrics they will last very long plus if you take care correctly then they will last very long.

  • Lots Of Options 

Suppose you want to get lots of options then Karndean floors are specially made for you because it is available with lots of color options which gives a premium look to your entire house.

What Is The Lifespan Of Karndean Floors?

Well, Karndean’s lifespan depends on your maintenance. But This floor has provided you with more than 15 years. On the other hand, the Karndean floors manufacturing brand provides you with 35 years of lifespan which is excellent. 

What You Can Use To Clean Your Karndean Floor?

Disadvantages Of Karndean Flooring

Basically, there are some detergents and some products available on the market that are specially made to clean Karndean floors so that you will get the best cleaning experience. 

On the other hand, you can use their ph-neutral Karndean Cleaner to clean your Karndean floor which gives you the best results. 

To clean the Karndean floor you can use the below steps:

  1. First of all, take a bucket and add some amount of Ph-neutral cleaner and some water and mix it.
  2. Now using a cloth or any normal mop dip into the bucket and start to apply it on the floor.
  3. Then gently scrub your floor using a normal clean cloth.
  4. After that wash the floor using normal water. 
  5. And turn on the fan for drying.
  6. Keep in mind that before applying the cleaning mixture remove the dust by swiping method.

Can You Use Steam Mops On Karndean Floors?

Disadvantages Of Karndean Flooring

A single answer is no. I don’t recommend you use any type of steam mop on Karndean floors because steam mops release heat and moisture which is not suitable for Karndean floors. 

If you use steam mops on Karndean floors then it will start to damage its layers and design and you will need to replace the floors again. On the other hand, don’t use any kind of bleach to clean your Karndean floor. 

Is Karndean Floors Right For You?

Disadvantages Of Karndean Flooring

Right For You?

Well, its answer is both yes and no. It depends on your purpose and exactly what you want. I would recommend that you don’t use Karndean floors for any type of wet room because it is not suitable for wet areas.

On the other hand, the Karndean floor quickly burned so I also don’t recommend you place it near any fire areas such as the kitchen room. If you want a long-lasting and stylish floor design then Karndean is one of the best floor options for you. 

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Frequently Asked Question 

Are Karndean floors worth the money?

Answer: Yes, of course. Karndean floors are worth the money. Basically, karndean floors are divided into three parts lower range, middle range, and higher range. Both range products are worth the money.

Can you use Karndean floors for a Living room?

Answer: Yes of course. You will use Karndean floors for your living room and it is perfect for your living room. Try to avoid using these floors in wet areas and bathrooms.

Are Karndean floors better than vinyl floors?

Answer: Well, both floors are best according to their use of purpose. Both Karndean and vinyl floors have their own advantages and disadvantages. But in terms of lifespan, Karndean is best as compared to vinyl floors.

Final Thoughts 

According to my point of view, the Karndean floor is not suitable for wet areas and for kitchen rooms. You can install this floor in living rooms, bedrooms, or dining halls. Through this blog post, I will share with you the disadvantages of karndean flooring which I personally feel and I thought that I would share with you all these drawbacks so that it can be helpful for you. 

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