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Sealing A Shower Door

How To Sealing A Shower Door By Following These 5 Steps

Sealing a shower door is not a very complicated task for houseowners. It will prevent the water leakage from your bathroom. Below we share with you the step-by-step guide on how to seal your shower door perfectly. Let’s jump into the topic.

How To Sealing A Shower Door Using Silicon Caulk

  1. Remove The Old Cauk
  2. Clean The Sealed Area 
  3. Wait For 3-4 hours for drying 
  4. Apply The Silicon Caulk 
  5. Leave The Silicon Caulk For Drying 

Remove The Old Cauk

Before sealing your shower door must remove the old caulk that is already in your shower door. To remove the old caulk you can use any knife or any sharp object and remove it gently. 

Note: I would suggest you wear gloves, sunglasses, and a mask while removing the old caulk from your shower door. 

Clean The Sealed Area 

After removing the caulk from your shower door in the next step simply clean that area. For cleaning, you can use mixing vinegar, baking soda, or warm water. 

  • Take some amount of vinegar in a bucket.
  • Now simply add some amount of warm water and mix it.
  • Now using a brush simply apply the mixture that you create using vinegar and warm water.
  • After applying leave 1-2 minutes. 
  • Then wash it using normal water. 

Wait For 3-4 hours for drying 

After cleaning that area, I would suggest that you leave that area for a minimum of 3 to 4 hours for drying. So that when you apply the new silicon caulk it will perfectly work.

Apply The Silicon Caulk 

After leaving it for 3 to 4 hours now simply apply a small amount of silicon caulk into a straight line after that apply the silicon caulk into the corner areas carefully. 

You can also use your fingers to remove the unnecessary caulks. Wear rubber gloves while applying the caulk. You can also use a small size brush to remove the extra caulk.

Leave The Silicon Caulk For Drying 

After applying the silicon caulk now leave it for full drying. I would recommend you leave it for a minimum of 1 to 2 days. Congratulations you will successfully seal your shower door. 

How To Replace A Shower Door Seal?

Sealing A Shower Door

Replacing your shower door seal is not a very complicated task as you think. It is very easy and simple you just need to follow the right steps which I share below with you.

  • First of all, using a meter tape measure the height and width of your shower door seal.
  • After that purchase the exact height and width shower door seal according to your measurement.
  • Before replacing the seal don’t use your shower for a minimum of 24 hours so that it will fully dry. 
  • Now simply pull the old shower door seal and remove it.
  • After that put the new shower door seal into the door. 
  • After installing the new shower door now you can use your shower without any hesitation. 

Reasons Why You Will Face Water Leakage 

Sealing A Shower Door

In the above section, I share with you the steps on how you can sealing a shower door perfectly. Now let’s discuss the most common reasons why you will face water leakage issues.

If The Shower Door Not Perfectly Installed 

It is one of the most common reasons why you will face the shower door water leaking issue. This issue happens when a beginner installs a shower door. I would recommend you hire a professional while installing the shower door. 

Due To Broken Or Damage Part 

If your shower door has any broken part or any damaged part then you will face water leakage issues. To prevent this issue simply repair that broken part and if you see that the door was damaged then I would recommend you replace the shower door with a new door. 

Due To Un-Sealant Curbs 

Basically, a shower door curb is a part that is placed in a door and works as a door lock. It looks very small and it helps to keep water inside the shower. If it is damaged or broken then you will face the water leaking issue.

Due To Fault Shower Door Sweep 

It is also a most common issue on why you will face the water leakage issue. Basically, a shower door sweep is placed at the bottom part of your shower door. 

There are lots of reasons that are dependent on why your shower door should be swept. If you notice that your shower door sweep is damaged or broken then you can purchase a new one. 

The most interesting thing is that shower door sweeps are not too expensive it is very affordable and you will get them in both online and offline stores. 

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When You Re-Sealing A Shower Door?

Sealing A Shower Door

There are lots of people who are thinking that after sealing a shower door when should you re-seal it? Its answer depends on the condition of your shower door. 

If you notice that, the applied silicon sealant is damaged or slide removed then it indicates that it will need to be re-sealed. You can hire a professional or you can also do it because it is very simple to do.

How To Maintain Your Shower Doors?

Sealing A Shower Door

It is very important for you to take care of your shower door so that you won’t face water leaking issues. Below we share with you some important points that will help you to maintain your shower doors. 

Cleaning your shower door from time to time is very important for you. It is the first step that you must take. You can use vinegar or Lemon to clean your shower door and it will give you the best results. 

Now one of the important questions is how often you will clean your shower door. Well, according to my point of view and my opinion, I would suggest you clean your shower door once a week. 

The best method to prevent your shower door damage is applying the coating. When you apply the coat it will help protect you from hard water and it will provide you with a long lifespan. 

The third and most important tip is, if you see any broken part then immediately change it or you can contact their customer support team for an instant solution. 

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I know sealing a shower door is a very time-consuming process but it is not as hard as you think. You don’t need to hire any professional to seal your shower door you will do it yourself. I would recommend that if you want to seal your shower door don’t use your shower for at least 1-2 days so that the shower door is fully dried. 

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