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How To Use Your Phone In The Shower

9 Safe Ways On How To Use Your Phone In The Shower?

As you know, bringing your smartphone into the shower is a risky task for you. But don’t worry because, in this article, I will discuss with you nine safe ways on how to use your phone in the shower without taking any risks.

Nowadays, smartphone is becoming a part of our day-to-day life activity. According to previous years, in 2023, smartphone sales are increasing day by day. Some people have a habit of using their smartphone while they are bathing.

Most users are thinking about how to bring your phone in the shower without it getting wet because water is highly effective for any gadget, so it is essential for you to avoid these types of mistakes.

Let’s start the article.

How To Use Your Phone In The Shower

Cover your phone with a waterproof Mobile Holder. 

It is one of the most effective ways on how to use your phone in the showerThere are lots of types of mobile holders available, which come with different types of materials.

Mostly, the waterproof covers are made with rubber-type material because rubber is highly waterproof as compared to other materials.

Before purchasing any waterproof mobile cover, you must consider the size of your phone so that the cover fits with your mobile phone properly. After applying the cover, you will easily use your phone during the showing.

Zip Phone Case 

The zip phone case is very similar to the mobile holder because it is also made with waterproof silicon and rubber materials so that it will protect your phone from water damage.

Basically, this case comes with a zip option where you will put your phone while showering, and this zip cover protects your phone. When you want to remove them from it, you just simply unzip the cover and remove the phone.

The zip phone case is also helpful for you to protect your phone from water damage while you are traveling or bike riding because you can’t carry your mobile holder all the time.

Apply Waterproof Phone Skin 

Basically, waterproof phone skin is a type of layer that is applied to your phone, and the layer protects your phone from the water effects.

There are lots of types of phone skins available according to the price segment. I would recommend you apply a phone skin for your phone. But keep in mind that the phone’s skin must be waterproofed.

Apply Nano Coating To Your Smartphone 

It is one of my favorite solutions for using my phone while I am showering. Basically, it is a thin and transparent solution that is applied to our phone to protect it from water or moisture.

The advantage of this is you will also apply it yourself at your home. But the disadvantage of this method is that it can’t convert your smartphone to fully waterproof.

This method removes only a small amount of water drops from your phone. According to my experience, the best method is to use a phone waterproof cover for your phone.

Use Suction Cups 

Basically, the suction cup is a type of phone protector that is made with silicon and rubber material so that it will fully protect your cover from water damage while you are showering.

On the other hand, the suction cup keeps your smartphone away from the water drops so that it will stay safe. I would recommend you to visit any local shop for the suction cup so that the cup will fit with the mobile phone perfectly.

If you don’t want to use any suction cup for your phone, then you can also try our other methods to save your phone while showering.

Use Any Water-Resistant Pouch For Your Phone 

There are lots of pouches available in the market, and these pouches are used for different kinds of purposes. Basically, waterproof pouches are made with rubber-type material, which is water-repellent.

You will just do that while simply putting your smartphone in that pouch so that it will protect your phone from water damage.

On the other hand, one of the advantages of this pouch is that it is transparent so that you will see your screen and, if needed, you will use your phone while showering.

Trying To Keep Your Phone From The Shower At least 100 feet Away 

As you already know, water will affect your phone in tiny parts, and it will destroy your phone. So, if you want to use your smartphone while showering, then the safest way is to place your home a minimum of 100 feet away from your shower.

For this, you don’t need any kind of pouch or any protective cover for your phone because the water drops aren’t able to affect the phone if you place it from some distance.

It is one of the best, safest ways on how to use your phone in the shower.

Cover Your Phone With A Polyethene 

Basically, polyethylene is a type of material that is fully water resistant, and it will keep your phone safe from water damage. If you don’t want to purchase any pouch or don’t want to make a phone holder, then this method is suitable for you.

Because polythene is available anywhere and is not very costly, to do this, simply put your Android or iPhone into the polyethylene and make a naut so that water can’t touch your phone.

While you are showing, you can hold your phone anywhere by putting it on the polyethylene, and it will keep your phone safe.

Install A Mesh Pocket For Your Phone 

Mesh pockets are typically made with hard plastic and rubber waterproof materials. While you are, showing you can put your phone in it to save it from water damage.

Is It Safe To Bring Your Phone Into The Shower?

How To Use Your Phone In The Shower

Well, its simple answer is no. It is not safe to bring your smartphone into the shower without any protection. Because the materials used to manufacture the smartphone are highly effective with water, it will quickly become damaged when the phone touches the water.

Basically, some smartphones come with waterproof features. You can use these types of phones without any protection during the show. But these phones are a little bit expensive compared to other phones.

Why Do Guys Bring Their Phone In The Shower?

How To Use Your Phone In The Shower

There are plenty of reasons that depend on why most guys bring their phones into the shower. Some guys want to keep their gadgets personal, and on the other hand, some people are very busy with their time schedules, so they don’t have time to use their phones.

Some people have the habit of listening to songs while they are shown ring, and on the other hand, people are having urgent calls during their showings and many more. It does not have one reason to explain this query.

How To Check Your Phone Is Waterproof Or Not?

There are lots of phones that come with waterproof features, which don’t need any kind of protection. If you want to know if your phone is waterproof or not, the simple method is simply to check your phone’s manual papers in the phone box.

If you don’t get your phone papers, then the most effective method is simply your phone model name and type of waterproof or not. For example, I am using the One Plus 6T. If I want to know if my phone is waterproof or not, then I type “One plus 6t Is waterproof or not” on Google. Google will show whether your phone is waterproof or not.

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Using your smartphone while showering is not a good idea. I would recommend you to avoid this mistake. If you have urgent calls, then you can do it. But keep in mind that always use a protective case for your phone so that water can’t touch your phone.

I hope this article will be helpful for you. Throughout this article, I will share with you nine practical methods on how to use your phone in the shower so that your phone doesn’t get damaged. If you have any suggestions then you can write them in our comment section.

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