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How To Reset Netflix On Smart Tv

6 Steps On How To Reset Netflix On Smart Tv?

Netflix is a type of platform where you will see lots of TV programs with an affordable price segment. Sometimes, due to an issue, your Netflix has some errors, such as UI-800-3. This error’s one and only solution is to reset your Netflix.

Through this blog post, I will discuss with you how to reset netflix on smart tv using these simple six steps.

On the other hand, some users are also facing their netflix not working on TV but works on phone. Also, we will discuss with you why this issue is happening to you and how you can solve this issue.

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How To Reset Netflix On Smart Tv

You can follow these steps to resetting your Netflix on your smart TV. One of the most asked questions is that there are lots of TV models available. Does this trick work on all models?

Well, this method works on almost all types of TV models. If this method is not working with your TV model, then you can try other methods.

Connect The TV Wire To The Power Outlet 

In the first step, simply plug the TV wire into the power outlet and turn on the TV so that you can reset Netflix.

Open The TV Setting

After switching on the TV, simply open the Smart TV setting options. One thing I mentioned is that the setting option is not placed in the same location on all smart TVs.

Some TVs provide you with a direct setting icon on their home screen, some smart TVs provide you with settings options on their menu bar, and some TVs provide settings options on their remotes. It depends on which tv model you have.

Find Its App Sections 

After that, simply find the applications section. Some smart TV models provide you with the app option on its settings top bar, or some TVs provide you with this option on its additional setting bar. According to your TV model, find the app section.

Find The Netflix App Icon 

After going to the app section in the search bar, simply search on “Netflix” and select the Netflix icon. You also find the Netflix app icon by scrolling the apps manually. Both steps are easy.

Select The Clear Data Option 

After clicking the Netflix app icon in the next tab, you will mainly see three options: Clear cache, Clear Data, and Force Stop option.

If you want to clear your Netflix cache files, then you can press or clear the cache, or if you want to force-stop your Netflix app, then you can simply click on the force-stop feature.

But we want to reset the Netflix so that we can click on the “Clear Data” option. After clicking the clear data option, it will take some time to reset the app. After successfully resetting the app, simply close that setting window.

Login Into The Netflix App Using The Netflix Account 

In the next step, re-open the Netflix app and simply log in to the app using your Netflix account. This is the process of how to reset netflix on smart tv.

Additionally, some users are having the issue that their netflix not working on TV but works on phone. Why is this happening, and how can you solve this issue?

Basically, this issue happens to you if you have a cache issue on your smart TV. On the other hand, you must check whether the TV cable is working properly or not.

To fix this issue, simply restart your smart TV and try to play some videos on Netflix. If the problem still occurs with you, then simply change the cable because the issue is happening with you due to the cable.

If the problem still happens, then you must format your smart TV. You can try these three methods. I hope your problem will be fixed.

How To Solve Netflix Freezing Issue?

How To Reset Netflix On Smart Tv

Basically, this problem happens with your TV when your TV has a caching issue. I know how it is feel irritating if Netflix shows freezing issues.

To fix this issue, simply follow the below steps.

  1. First of all, unplug your smart TV from the power outlet because we do a soft reset to fix the Netflix freezing issue.
  2. In the second step, simply find the “Power Button” on your TV.
  3. After Finding the power button, simply press the power button and leave it. Most of the users are holding their power button. It is not the right method, so avoid this mistake.
  4. After pressing the power button, simply wait for some time. After that, the TV will automatically soft reset itself.
  5. Now, connect the TV adapter to the socket and turn on the TV.

It is the process of how you can fix the freezing issue on Netflix.

Why Do You Rest Your Netflix?

It is a most asked question that most users want to know why you will reset the Netflix and whether you have any benefits if you reset your Netflix.

As I already mentioned in the above section, after some time, your Netflix has some error codes, or sometimes it will start glitching due to the cache issue. On the other hand, sometimes your Netflix suddenly stops working due to some errors.

To fix this issue, we recommend you restart your Netflix account. After resetting the Netflix, all of these cache issues, glitch issues, and error codes will be fixed. It is the benefit of resetting your Netflix.

Why Does Your Netflix Not Respond?

How To Reset Netflix On Smart Tv

Due To Their Server Issue: Sometimes, most of the users watch the same program at the same time, so the Netflix server does not handle all of the users at a time. That its sever got down, and it will not respond for some time.

Due To Glitch Issue: Sometimes your smart TV has some glitch issue. Don’t be worried because it is not as serious an issue as you think. By restarting your TV, this issue will be fixed.

Weak Internet Connection: A weak internet connection is one of the most common issues for Netflix not working problem. As you already know, Netflix works only when it has a proper internet connection. If you have an internet issue, then you might get some buffering and not responding problems.

Due To The VPN Issue: If you are using a VPN while watching Netflix, then the VPN will change your IP address. Suppose you are watching Netflix from a US location; if you are using a VPN, then your IP address will be changed to different country locations.

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Netflix is the most famous entertainment platform where you will watch lots of entertaining programs. But due to some issues, you will face Netflix not responding issues, glitch errors, cache issues, and many more. One of the best solutions is to reset your Netflix app.

In this blog post, I will share with you six easy steps on how to reset netflix on smart tv. If you have a problem regarding this article, you will ask us through our comment section, and we would also love to hear your suggestions and your opinion in our comment section.

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