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Does Blink Work With Google Home?

Does Blink Work With Google Home

Blink is a home device manufacturing brand that is famous for their innovative creation and battery life. But do you ever think about does blink work with google home?

Blink is easily suitable for Amazon Alexa, and it works fine. Blink is a smart wireless and home security camera device that provides you with lots of facilities, including long battery life, clear images, HD views, etc.

After reading this blog, you will not only get your answer about does blink work with google home or not, but you will also see some advantages of Blink cameras.

Let’s start it.

Does Blink Work With Google Home

Its answer is yes, Blink cameras work with Google Home. But you cannot connect your Blink device directly with Google Home. If you want to connect your Blink to Google Home, you need to follow some additional steps.

On the other hand, there will be no direct link available to connect your Blink to Google Home. If we compare it with Amazon Alexa, then you will directly connect the blink device to the Alexa.

If we talk about in simple language how you can connect your blink camera to Google Home, then you can use the IFTTT method. It is one of the best and easiest methods to connect it.

I know other home security cameras are directly connected with Google Home, but it has some issues. The main issue is the blinking camera is owned by Amazon so that it will work perfectly with Amazon Alexa without any additional settings.

About Blink Camera

Blink camera is a wireless home security camera that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Blink cameras were started in 2009 by Peter Besen, Don Shulsinger, and Stephen Gordon, and in 2017, they became part of the Amazon brand.

Why Blink Camera Is Not Directly Connected With Google Home?

Its main reason is Blink cameras are owned by the Amazon industry, and Amazon doesn’t want to provide that feature, which is directly connected with other voice command devices.

But you can use the Blink device with Amazon Alexa, amazon AI, Amazon Voice, etc. because these technologies are also owned by Amazon.

On the other hand, you will use many different methods to connect the Blink to Google Home. Google also manufactures its own cameras, which does not need any third-party applications to connect it.

How To Connect Blink With Google Home Using the IFTTT Method?

Does Blink Work With Google Home

Basically, there are two ways available to connect your blink camera to Google Home, such as the IFTTT method and another one using the Smart Things application.

Below, we share with you the IFTTT method to connect the device to the Google home.

Download The IFTTT Application

If you are an Android user, then download the IFTTT app from the Google Play Store, or if you are an IOS user, download this application from the IOS App Store. This application is totally free, and its interface looks very clean.

Create an Account Or Login To Account

After downloading the application, open the app. When you open the IFTTT app, you will see two options. The first one is signing up, and the second one is signed in.

Don’t be overthink about this. If you are using this application for the first time, then you need to create an account on the IFTTT app. In this case, you will select the first option, sign up. After clicking it, simply create an account in it.

If you have already used this app, then you will simply click on the sign-in tab and fill in your login details.

Search For Blink

After creating or logging into the account in the next step, click the header menu, and after that, click on the explore tab. In the explore tab, type “Blink” and click on the search tab.

Click On The Blink Option

After searching on Blink, you will see an option “Blink.” Simply select the Blink and now click on the connect button.

Login In It Using Your Blink Account

After clicking on the connect button, simply enter your blink camera login details and click on the next button.

Now, a verification code is sent to your registered email address, which is used to link with your Blink account. After entering the PIN or OTP, you will be successfully verified, and the IFTTT will be connected to your Blink.

Search Google Home applets In the Blink Explore Tab In IFTTT

After all is done, it needs to be connected to Google Home using the IFTTT app. For this, simply search on Google Home applets in the blink tag and click on the applet tab.

After clicking on the applet tab, you will successfully use your blink camera to Google Home.

Advantages Of Blink Camera If You Connect It To Google Home

There are lots of benefits you will get if you connect your blink camera to Google Home. Below, we share with you some of its benefits, which are essential for you to understand.

Custom Routine Feature

This feature is enabled when you connect your blink camera to Google Home. Using this feature, you will set the custom time range.

 It means if you set your camera on at 2 PM, then your blink camera will automatically turn on at 2 PM. This feature is very helpful for you when you are not at your home but want to secure your home.

Voice Command

Nowadays, voice command is becoming more popular day by day than others. In this feature, you will fully control your blink camera using voice commands. By giving some simple voice commands, you will control its video clips, its image clips, its custom settings, its blink system, and many more.

You Will Access All The Controls Using Your Smartphone

If you are connected to your blink camera to the Google Home, then you will manipulate and control all the settings using your smartphone. You don’t need to manually adjust the camera. On the other hand, you will control many settings through your smartphone.

Don’t Need To Visit Your House Door

If you have already connected your Blink device to Google Home, then you don’t need to visit your house to check who is coming or what is happening around your home. By using the smartphone, you will easily identify all these things quickly without any effort.

Its Increase Your House Security with Better Controls

Connecting your blink camera to Google Home will provide you with some extra features that will help you enhance your house security.


If you want to connect your Blink camera to Amazon Alexa, then you don’t need to install any extra third-party application because it’s owned by Amazon. You will easily use the blink camera to Google Home, but you can’t use it directly.

Through this blog post, I will not only answer your question about does blink work with google home or not, but I will also discuss with you how you can connect this device to Google Home or some advantages of Blink camera if you connect it to Google Home. We would love to hear your opinion about this blog post in our comment section.


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