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Can You Paint Enamel Over Latex

Can You Paint Enamel Over Latex (Yes Or No)

When it comes to coloring your home or any wall it is essential for you to choose the right colour. Enamel and latex are both the best colors according to their use of purpose.

Again, when you decide to repaint your house or wall a question is always suffered in your mind can you paint enamel over latex? Does it have any side effects?

Basically, latex paint is a type of paint that is mostly used to paint large areas such as entire houses or walls, etc and I don’t recommend you to apply any oil-based product over latex.

In this article, I am going to share with you the answer to whether can you paint enamel over latex or not. Let’s start it.

Can You Paint Enamel Over Latex

Its most simple answer is both yes and no. You can’t paint enamel over latex paint directly. The big reason behind this is that latex is a type of water-based paint that is mostly used for paint walls and entire homes. And the other hand, Enamel is a type of oil-based paint. But you can apply the enamel paint over latex by following some additional steps.

As you already know, it is not possible to mix the oil and water together. Because of this reason, you can’t paint enamel over latex. This is the exact answer can you paint enamel over latex or not?

To prove this line I personally test it. On 2019 December 14 I painted a wall using latex and left it for 6 months. After six months again I applied Enamel paint over it. The result which is obtained from this experiment is given below.

What result did I get from the experiment?

  1. First of all the Enamel paint is not taking its place properly.
  2. After applying 3-4 layers of paint over the latex paint it will take its place a little bit but not perfectly.
  3. After the Enamel paint is fully drying the paint starts to fade.

The overall result of this experiment shows that you can’t get a professional finishing look if you repaint your wall or your house over latex paint and I personally don’t recommend you to do this.

How To Apply The Enamel Paint If You Already Paint It Using The Latex?

Can You Paint Enamel Over Latex

Before discussing it with you I topic let you know can you put oil-based paint over latex primer. Well, its answer is both yes and no. I know again now you are thinking that, if yes then how is it possible?

Well, you can’t directly apply the oil-based paint over the latex paint. If you want to apply it you need some additional steps to do it.

Now let’s discuss the topic of how to apply the Enamel paint if you already paint it using Latex.

  1. Its answer is first you need to use remove the already painted Latex paint from the wall. There are lots of methods available to remove the paint from your wall. Some people think that will vinegar remove paint from concrete. Well, its answer is not completely yes.
  2. Use any sandpaper before applying the enamel paint over the latex. Sandpaper helps to remove the excess paint from the painted area.
  3. Use any vacuum cleaner or any clean cloth to remove the dust so that the paint will fit properly on the wall.
  4. After finishing all the steps in the next step simply apply any primer on the wall.
  5. Now prepare the Enamel paint and using any paint brush simply apply the first layer of paint.
  6. If the first layer of paint will not satisfy you then apply the second coat layer in it.

Enamel VS Latex Which Is Best?

Can You Paint Enamel Over Latex

Well, both paint is best for their use of purpose and both paints are used for a different kind of purpose. It is essential for you to know which paint is used for which kind of purpose.

As I already mentioned in the above section Latex is a type of water-based paint that is mainly used for painting walls and outdoor areas. On the other hand, Enamel is a type of oil-based paint that is mostly used for indoor or house walls for better finishing and shininess.

If you want to paint your outdoor wall then I would recommend you use Latex paint. On the other hand, if you want a better finish or the best shininess or if you want to paint the indoor part of your house then Enamel is one of the best paint for you.

I think now you don’t have doubt about whether can you paint enamel over latex or not or enamel vs latex which is best and which is used for what kind of purpose.

Now let me discuss with you some safety tips that I recommend you use while painting anything.

4 Safety Tips While Painting 

Can You Paint Enamel Over Latex

Always use a clean brush: When you decide to paint your wall or anything I recommend you don’t use an already used brush or any second-hand brush. Always use a new and clean brush.

Always Wear A Mask: Basically, paints are made full of chemical materials and these chemical components are very dangerous for human body organs. Mostly the paint chemicals are entered into your body using breathing. For this reason,, I will recommend you wear a mask while painting.

Turn on the fan while painting: It will feel fresh and hygienic if you turn on the fan while doing painting. On the other hand, it will help you to dry the paint.

Use hand gloves: As I already mentioned, paints are made full of chemicals and it may be dangerous for your skin. To prevent skin irritations, I would recommend you to use hand gloves.


Is it safe to apply enamel over the latex?

Answer- Well, its answer is yes. It is safe to apply enamel over the latex. But I would recommend you that don’t apply it.

What will happen when you apply oil-based paint over water-based paint?

Answer- First of all I don’t recommend it to do this. And if you apply the oil-based paint over the water-based paint then you will don’t get that much result and finishing that you expect from it.

Why will you use enamel paint instead of any other paint?

Answer- Basically if your main intention is to paint in the indoor area then enamel is one of the best paint for your wall. Because it will provide you best finishing as you expect.


Before applying any paint to your house or your wall follow the before-paint-applying steps and after-paint-applying steps. Otherwise, your house smells like paint and you think why does my apartment smell like paint?

Applying the enamel over the latex is not a good idea. Trying to avoid this. Hope this article is helpful for you to get your answer can you paint enamel over latex or not? Please give feedback about this article in its comment section.

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