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How To Clean A Shag Rug

How To Clean A Shag Rug? 5 Effective Ways

You will use shag rug carpets for multipurpose use, but the problem is that shag rug carpets are quickly observed the dust for this reason lots of people are suffering on how to clean a shag rug perfectly?

Basically, shag rugs are well popular for their softness and for their quality. Shag rugs are not only look excellent but also it is very comfortable to use.

According to my experience shag rug, carpets need more maintenance as compared to any other normal carpets and it is very essential to clean your shag carpet from time to time.

In this article, I will go to share with you 5 effective methods on how to clean a shag rug that looks like a new carpet.

Let’s start the article.

How To Clean A Shag Rug

  1. Vacuum Your Shag Carpet
  2. Use Stream Method
  3. Spot Clean Method
  4. Hand Wash Method
  5. Dry Carpet Shampoo Method

Vacuum Your Shag Carpet 

If you suffering on how to clean a shag rug then the first step which you need to follow is, to use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum your shag rug carpet. It does not matter what type of vacuum cleaner you will use to vacuum your shag rug carpet.

You can use robot vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners, best vacuum wowcontent cleaners, etc. According to my experience, I would recommend you vacuum your shag rug carpets using any mattress cleaning vacuum cleaner. Because these types of vacuum cleaners are specifically made for mattress cleaning purposes.

On the other hand, one more important question is that can you shampoo a shag rug? Well, its answer is yes you can use any shampoo to clean the shag rug, but don’t use the shampoo for too much amount or don’t wash your carpet more than 3 times in a month.

Again a common question is, how much time you will vacuum your shag rug carpets? Well, it depends on your usage. But I would prefer you that, use a vacuum twice a week for the best results.

Important Tip

I would recommend you that, don’t use beater bar vacuum cleaners to vacuum your shag rug carpet. Because beater bar vacuum cleaners are rotated very fast chances are high that your carpet may be damaged.

Use Stream Method 

The stream method is also the best method to clean the shag rugs and carpets. As I already mentioned in the above paragraph shag rug carpets are very soft so they will quickly observe the dust. Stream easily cleans your shag rug carpet in a very less time.

On the other hand, the stream will also help to remove the stains from your carpet and it looks like a new carpet. Additionally streaming helps to restore the colour of your shag rug carpets so that it looks new.

If you don’t have a streamer then you can hire a professional. They come to your home and clean your carpet.

Spot Clean Method 

The spot clean method is one of my favorite methods on how to clean a shag rugSpot cleaning is not mandatory for your carpet if your carpet does not have any stains or nail polish marks. The spot clean method helps you to remove nail polish marks, ink marks, red wine marks, etc.

And you will also know that these types of marks are very common in shag carpets. Basically, spot cleaning comes with different methods. If you want to clean your liquid marks then first of all take some warm water and apply any cleaning detergent or any soap and mix it using and cloth or brush gently apply it on the marks area and start to rough it and after that simply wash it using normal water.

Now the question is what do you do if you have solid stain marks? For this, you don’t need any type of mixture. You just need an object to scrap your carpet. Keep in mind that scrap the carpet gently not hardly.

Hand Wash Method 

It is one of the easiest methods which you can follow to wash your shag rug carpet. If you feel that, your carpet contains lots of dust and stain marks, and it looks dirty then you can handwash your carpet and it will provide you the best results as compared to any other methods.

For this Fill the water in the bathtub take some cloth cleaning detergent mix it in a bucket and create a mixture. After that, clean the carpet using the mixture that you make, after that, use a scrubber and start to gently scrub your carpet and wash it using normal water.

You can follow this process once a month for the best results. Always keep in mind that don’t wash your carpet for too much time because shag rug carpets quickly observe the water.

Dry Carpet Shampoo Method 

There are lots of types of carpet shampoos available on both offline and online markets. But I would prefer you that, use dry carpet cleaning shampoo to clean your shag rug carpet. According to your choice select the best dry shampoo.

For this first of all remove the extra dust using any vacuum cleaner. Then sprinkle the dry shampoo on your shag rug carpet and leave it some time for observing it. Now use a brush and start to scrub gently.

Now using a vacuum cleaner vacuum your shag rug carpet. You can follow this method 4 times a month for the best results.

These are the top 5 most effective methods on how to clean a shag rug? Now let’s discuss about how you can brighten your shag rug carpet at your home.

How To Brighten Your Shag Rugs Carpet?

How To Clean A Shag Rug

Basically, the brightness of your carpet is depending on many several factors such as how you will take care of your shag rug carpet, how you will clean it, what products you will use on your carpet, and many more.

There are lots of methods available for cleaning and shining your carpet but below I share with you a process that is personally used to shine my carpet.

  1. First of all, vacuum your carpet using any vacuum cleaner.
  2. Now in the next step use any dry shampoo powder apply it on your carpet and leave it for some time.
  3. After applying the dry powder then again vacuum your carpet and wait for some time.
  4. Now in the final step apply baking soda wait for some minutes and again vacuum your carpet.
  5. Follow these steps once a week for the best results.

Will Dry Shampoo Safe For Shag Rug Carpets? 

How To Clean A Shag Rug

Yes, of course. Dry shampoo is 100% safe and secure to clean your shag rugs. Even shag rugs will help you to maintain your carpets shining as compared to other shampoos. I would recommend you don’t use any third-party shampoos to clean your shag rugs and carpets. Otherwise, it can damage your carpet.

Important Tip

If your shag rug is expensive and costly then I would recommend you to don’t wash it without any expert’s suggestion. I would recommend you that hire an expert so that you don’t face any issues.


Shag rug not only looks very beautiful but also provides you the best comfort. The most crucial part is to be cleaning a shag rug so you need the proper guidance otherwise your carpet may be damaged. By considering your issue in this article we share with you 5 of the effective methods on how to clean a shag rug perfectly. Comment down which method you liked most.

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