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How To Clean Faux Leather

How To Clean Faux Leather? Using Only 5 Steps

I know, recently you purchased some faux leather products for your home that’s why you ARE searching for how to clean faux leather.

Basically, there are many different types of leather materials available, and faux is a type of leather material and its cleaning method is a little bit different from other materials.

In this article, I will share with you the simplest method on how to clean faux leather material at your home. Let’s start.

How To Clean Faux Leather

Before cleaning any faux leather material you need some essential items which I shared below.

Items You Need:

  1. A dishwasher or any liquid cleaner or any powder cleaner.
  2. A Bowl
  3. A Leather Conditioner
  4. Sponge Or Brush
  5. Warm Water
  6. A Dry Clean Cloth

Step 1 

First of all, use a dry cloth and start to clean the whole faux leather material so that extra dust will be removed.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dust. I would recommend you don’t use robot vacuum cleaners because these types of vacuum cleaners are perfect for floor cleaning purposes.

Step 2 

In step 2, simply take the bowl and fill some warm water. Lots of people think that warm water means hot water. No warm water means a little bit of hot water not fully hot water.

Take some amount of warm water in a bowl and then add a little amount of liquid detergent, dishwasher cleaner, or any powder detergent then using a spoon mix it and create a cleaning mixture.

Step 3 

Now use a small piece of clean cloth and dip it into the mixture. After dipping simply apply the mixture to your faux leather material and start to wipe down into the whole leather.

Step 4 

After wiping down, simply use a sponge or any small size brush and start scrubbing the faux leather gently so that it will clean deeply.

Step 5 

After completing all the steps now in the final step simply wash the faux leather using normal water and again use a dry clean cloth wipe the leather and leave it to dry.

Additional Tip: I would recommend you, don’t leave your faux leather material directly in the under-sun area. Because it can be a little bit dangerous for your faux leather. I would recommend you leave your leather under your home or under the fan area. But it takes a little bit of time to dry.

What Ingredients You Can Use To Clean The Faux Leather? 

How To Clean Faux Leather

Different leather materials are used for different products and different ingredients to clean the material. Below we discuss with you some ingredients that you can use to clean your leather material safely.

White Vinegar 

Basically, there are lots of vinegars used such as apple side vinegar, red wine vinegar, white vinegar, etc for different kinds of use purposes. All types of vinegar are divided into 2 types such as edible vinegar and non-edible vinegar.

White vinegar is a good source to clean your faux leather material. For this take some warm water add some white vinegar apply that paste to the faux leather and start to scrub.


Bleach is also a popular ingredient that is used for many purposes and it also works as a good cleaning agent because it contains lots of cleaning agents which very effectively clean your faux leather.

Dry Cleaner 

Basically, dry cleaner is mostly used in laundry shops to clean clothes or other materials. The dry cleaner is a type of product which is made only for cloth cleaning purposes.

Dish Washer Cleaner 

Dishwasher cleaner is mostly used to clean plates. But it is also a good product to clean your faux leather material. Because there are lots of dishwashers are used for cleaning cloths.

Is It Possible To Fix Any Scratches From The Leather? 

How To Clean Faux Leather

Well, its answer is no. You can’t remove a scratch from faux leather. But you can hide them. There are lots of products available to hide the scratches and you can also home remedies to hide your leather scratches.

If you want to hide your faux leather scratch simply follow the below steps.

  1. Take some amount of olive oil and drop some amount of olive oil in the scratch area.
  2. Now use a dry clean cloth.
  3. Now simply wipe down the scratch area gently.
  4. After that, you will see the scratch part was hidden and your leather also looks like a new leather.

I personally used this method since 2009. Because this is my favorite method, and my family members also use this technique.

What Not To Do With Your Faux Leather While Cleaning?

How To Clean Faux Leather

Below we discuss with you some essential points that I recommend you to not do while cleaning your faux leather otherwise it can damage your leather.

Don’t Scrub Hardly: Always remember that, when you apply any liquid detergent while cleaning don’t scrub your leather hard other it can cause stain-related issues, and stains are not removable.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemical Products: Chemical-based products are very dangerous for your leather material. So I would recommend you to avoid fully chemical products. You can use vinegar, bleach, or baking soda to clean.

Don’t Leave Your Leather Direct Under Sun Area: Sunlight is very hard so I would recommend you don’t leave your leather directly under the sunlight area for dry.

Don’t Leave The Cleaning Mixture In Your Leather: I noticed that, many users directly leave the cleaning mixture into the leather. It is a totally wrong method to clean. So avoid this mistake.


Is it safe to daily vacuum your faux leather?

Answer: – Yes, it is 100% safe to daily vacuum your faux leather. Daily vacuuming your faux leather will help to remove the dust from your leather and it also looks like a new leather.

Is it safe to clean your faux leather using alcohol?

Answer- The most straightforward answer is no. Is it not safe to use alcohol to clean your faux leather material? You can use alcohol for cleaning vacuum sensors.

Is faux leather material good? 

Answer- Yes. faux leather materials are 100% good and it is very durable and lasts a long time. On the other hand, faux leathers are value for money. Also, faux leather materials are last between 2 to 6 years. If you are taking care of it then it will last more than 6 years.


 Different leather materials have different washing methods. On the other hand, some leathers are washable in water and some are not. So it is very important for you to know whether your leather is washable or not. Through this article, I will discuss with you 5 easy steps on how to clean faux leather so that your leather looks like a new leather. If you like the article keep sharing.

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