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6 Common Problems With Catnapper Recliners Which I Face

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In this article, I will share with you 6 common problems with catnapper recliners from my experience and my point of view which I personally feel.

As you already know every recliner has its own advantages and its disadvantages too. On the other hand, catnapper has well a reputed brand for more than 75 years and it is popular for its innovative technology and features.

Lots of people are writing about only its pros and its advantages. So, I feel that it is also very important for you to know the problems with catnapper recliners which maybe you will face in your future.

Stay tuned with us.

Problems With Catnapper Recliners

  1. It Is a Little Bit Expensive Recliner 
  2. Power Problem
  3. Power Modes Are Not Change Quickly
  4. Sometimes It Suddenly Stopped Working
  5. Catnapper Recliners Are Heavy
  6. Sometimes It Fails To Recline

It Is a Little Bit Expensive Recliner 

Basically, catnapper recliners are made by Jackson Furniture which has been manufacturing their product for more than 50 years and these recliners are included in the luxurious brand.

On the other hand, catnapper recliners are filled with lots of features and they also provide you comfortable sitting and sleeping experience.

But the biggest problem and disadvantage is that this recliner is a little bit expensive as compared to other recliners because of its material, its build quality, and its features. If you have a tight budget then I will recommend you to go with this recliner.

Power Problem 

When your catnapper recliner’s transformer dies then you will face power-related issues it is a very common issue in this recliner and it is also a big problem that will you face in this recliner.

On the other hand, this recliner needs high-voltage electricity to run perfectly. Otherwise, you will face power-related issues.

I would recommend you that use a stabilizer in your home. Basically, the stabilizer helps you to maintain the electricity voltage so that your recliner gets proper electricity.

Power Modes Are Not Change Quickly 

Basically, catnapper recliners come with 2 different modes including automatic mode and manual mode. In automatic mode, your recliner will set all the settings and all the temperatures automatically according to their self. On the other hand, in manual mode, you need to change its settings and other options manually.

Basically, catnapper recliners take a little bit of time to change their modes. If you repeatedly change the modes quickly then you may face a power loss issue and as I already mentioned catnaper recliner parts are a little bit expensive as compared to other recliners.

To fix this issue I would strongly recommend you that don’t quickly change its mode in m annual conditions.

Sometimes It Suddenly Stopped Working 

In catnapper recliners, it is a very common issue that will you face. There are lots of reasons available but the main reason is when you don’t take care of your recliner and if you don’t clean the recliner parts from time to time.

On the other hand, if your recliner gets too much heated then you will also face this issue. Also if you continuously use the recliner for too much time then it will suddenly stop working. Because the catnapper recliner needs some time to work perfectly.

Additionally, in the catnaper recliner’s power cord getting lose automatically. So you will need to change it from time to time otherwise you will face this issue.

Catnapper Recliners Are Heavy 

Basically, catnapper recliners are a little bit heavy as compared to other recliners. Because of its heavy weight, you will need someone’s help to remove or change its locations.

Sometimes It Fails To Recline 

It is also a big problem that you face with a catnapper recliner. As I already said, the catnaper recliner comes with 2 different modes including automatic mode and manual mode. In automatic mode, it will adjust all the settings and all the features itself. Because of this reason, it is suddenly stopped to recliner.

How to fix it:- Don’t worry because it is a fully common issue and you will easily solve this issue. To fix this issue simply turn off the catnapper recliner unplug the recliner from the power outlet and wait for 2 to 3 minutes. After that, reinstall the recliner plug it into the power outlet, and turn on the recliner.

These are the 6 common problems with catnapper recliners which you must know.

Why Catnapper Recliners Are Expensive?

Problems With Catnapper Recliners

It is a good question that, exactly why catnaper is expensive as compared to any other recliners. Because catnapper recliners are made with premium and high-quality materials. On the other hand, catnapper recliners come with lots of features including manual mode, automatic mode, temperature adjusting mode, and many more.

Also, catnapper recliners are a trusted manufacturer brand and it has good user ratings and user reviews. Because of these overall features, catnapper recliners are expensive as compared to other recliners.

Is Catnaper Recliner Is A Good Brand?

Problems With Catnapper Recliners

Is Catnaper Recliner Is A Good Brand?

Its answer is yes. Catnapper Recliner is a good brand. Because millions of users are trusted this brand and it has positive and good reviews. Catnapper Recliners has been manufacturing its products for more than 75 years. According to my experience and my point of view yes it is a good and trusted brand and also its products are value for money.

What Is The Warranty Of A Catnaper Recliner?

Well, the Catnapper Recliner is popular for its brand and for its quality. Catnapper recliners provide you with a lifetime warranty on their mechanism, a 3-year warranty on their motor, and a 5-year warranty on their cushions. 

Catnapper recliners are manufactured by Jackson Furniture Industries which has 10 factories and more than 1500 employees. If we talk about catnapper recliners’ lifespan, then these recliners easily last between 5 years to 112 years. 


How many modes does a catnapper recliner have?

Answer- Well, the catnaper recliner has 2 modes including manual mode and automatic mode. In automatic mode, all the settings and temperature will automatically adjust itself and in manual mode, you will set the recliner yourself according to your need. If you are a beginner then I would recommend you to use automatic mode and if you already used it then use manual mode.

Does catnapper recliner use original leather to manufacture its recliner?

Answer- Yes, catnaper recliners use 100% original Italian leather to manufacture their recliners. Because of this reason, it needs proper maintenance.

Are catnapper recliners really worth buying?

Answer- Yes, catnaper recliners are worth buying because of their features build quality, and materials. On the other hand, it is also a trusted brand and has many positive reviews from users.

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In this article, I shared with you 6 problems with catnapper recliners that you must know before buying the catnapper recliners. If you have any doubt regarding this article please comment. Also, share your opinion about this article in the comment sections.

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