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How Long Is A Toilet Paper Roll

How Long Is A Toilet Paper Roll? Here Is The Answer

Toilet paper is a very essential item for our everyday use. But do you ever think about exactly how long is a toilet paper roll?

If not, then read this whole article to know the toilet paper roll dimensions.

How Long Is A Toilet Paper Roll

Well, a toilet paper is almost 900 inches long, and normal toilet paper contains 200 sheets per roll. 

On the other hand, it is not the exact value because different brands have different sizes and different dimensions. These are the approximate dimensions.

Also, standard roll toilet paper comes between 4 inches to 5.5 inches depending on the toilet paper brand. On the other hand, a standard roll of toilet paper has between 150 to 170 sheets per roll.

If you want to know the exact dimensions of the toilet paper then you can check their product description. The manufacturer will mention the dimensions of that toilet paper roll.

Hope you will got your answer about how long is a toilet paper roll?

Toilet Paper Categories 

How Long Is A Toilet Paper Roll

According to different usage, toilet paper is mainly divided into three parts such as commercial use toilet paper roll, jumbo size toilet paper roll, and standard size toilet paper roll.

Commercial Toilet Paper Roll 

Basically, commercial toilet paper rolls are used in commercial places such as hostels, schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, etc. A commercial toilet paper roll has 2000 sheets per roll and comes with a wide range of between 3.5 inches to 4 inches and also comes with a 9-inch diameter.

Standard Size Toilet Paper Roll 

Basically, a standard toilet paper roll is used for personal use or for home use purposes and a standard-size toilet paper roll comes with 200 sheets per roll. A standard toilet paper roll size is approximately 900 inches.

Jumbo Size Toilet Paper Roll 

Basically jumbo toilet paper roll is a medium toilet paper roll and you will use it for both commercial use and for your home use purpose. Generally, a jumbo toilet paper roll has 1000 sheets per roll and comes with 1200 inches per roll.

How A Toilet Paper Made In A Factory

How Long Is A Toilet Paper Roll

Recently toiler paper is becoming the most sell product in the world. But do you ever think about exactly how toilet paper is made?

Below we discuss the process that how a toiler paper is made exactly.

  1. First, the factory members select trees to make the toilet paper.
  2. Now using some machines the workers are cutting down the trees into small pieces.
  3. Now in the next step, the workers mix some chemicals into a large cooker and put that small-sized wood into that cooker so that the moisture of the wood will be evaporated and it also helps to reduce the other substances from the wood.
  4. Now the workers take the small pieces of wood and start to clean the wood until the colors are removed properly using the machine.
  5. Now in the next step, the workers mix large numbers of water so that the wood produces the paper stock.
  6. Now finally the paper is ready. Finally, the paper is scrapped with metal blades and the workers put them into a machine and the machine cut the papers into long strip rolls.
  7. After that, the workers manually check the toilet paper rolls. If any defective toilet paper roll is identified then the paper roll is recycled by following the other steps.
  8. After completing all the steps now the paper roll is ready to sell into the market.

These are the process of exactly how a toiler paper roll is manufactured in a factory.

Type Of Toilet Paper 

How Long Is A Toilet Paper Roll

There are lots of types of toilet paper available which are used for different kinds of purpose. Below we discuss with you some types of toilet paper that you must know.

3 Ply Toilet Paper 

Basically, 3-ply toilet paper comes with 3 layers of toilet roll. It is very durable and very strong. 3 Ply toilet paper rolls are made with eco-friendly materials and you will use them for both commercial and home use purposes.

Tree-Free Toilet Paper Roll 

These types of toilet paper are not made with trees. Now the question is that if these toilet papers are not made from trees then from which material is used to manufacture these toilet papers?

These types of toilet paper are made with some other fabrics such as sugarcane, bamboo, or a combination of both sugarcane and bamboo.

These types of toilet paper are also very strong durable and soft. Bamboo gives strength and length and on the other hand, sugarcane gives the paper softness.

1 Ply Toilet Paper 

The most commonly used toilet paper is 1-ply toilet paper. This type of toiler paper comes with 1 layer and it is suitable only for personal use purpose.

Recycled Toilet Paper 

As you already know recycled toilet papers are made with recycled fabrics and it is best for both commercial and home use purposes. On the other hand, it has lots of benefits such as it saves lots of trees and water and its fabrics are eco-friendly.

Biodegradable Toilet Paper

These types of toilet paper are made with fully organic and natural products. When manufacturing its toiler papers lots of water is consumed. It is also very strong and durable.

How To Chose The Right Toilet Paper Roll?

How Long Is A Toilet Paper Roll

There are lots of factors that are dependent on choosing the right toilet paper for your usage. Below we discuss with you some of the most crucial factors that you must consider while choosing toilet paper.

Before purchasing any toilet paper must consider for which purpose you will purchase the toilet paper roll such as for your personal use purpose, for your home use purpose, or any commercial use purpose.

If you want to purchase a toiler roll paper for your personal use, then go with a standard-size toiler paper roll. Because it is the perfect toiler paper for personal use.

On the other hand, if you want to purchase a toilet paper roll for your family members then the Jumbo toilet paper roll is perfect for you.

Also if you want toilet paper for large family members or any commercial use purpose then you can go with commercial toilet paper.

Some toilet papers are a little bit expensive and some are not. This factor is not too much a matter but also consider it.

Is Toilet Paper Made From Recycled Paper

How Long Is A Toilet Paper Roll

Well, its answer is both yes and no. On the other hand, it depends on the brand which is manufacturing the toilet paper.

Some brands are manufacturing toilet paper using recycled paper some brands are manufacturing their toilet paper using trees and also some factories are using bamboo to manufacture their toilet paper.

Lots of people also think that, is it safe to use already-used toilet paper. Well, its answer is no. It is not safe. Because used toilet paper contains bacteria which is not good for your health.

How To Make Toilet Paper Last Longer 

Some people think that toilet paper does not last long. If you also think the same then you are thinking totally wrong. Toilet paper also lasts very long if you take care of it properly.

Below we share with you some points that help you to maintain your toilet paper so that it will last long.

Use 3 Ply Toilet Papers

Basically 3 ply toilet papers are made with 3 layers and these toilet papers are very strong and durable. Always use 3-ply toilet paper because it stays for a long time.

Don’t Touch Water With Your Toilet Paper

As you know papers are not suitable with water. If you touch water with your toilet paper then it will start to melt and it will reduce your lifespan. So that avoid this mistake.

Don’t Buy Cheaper Toilet Papers 

Quality matters in every product. While purchasing any toilet paper avoid purchasing cheaper toilet paper. Because cheap toiler papers are made with cheap materials which do not last longer.

Don’t Fold Your Toilet Paper 

Some users fold their toilet paper so that it will start to damage. Avoid this mistake if you want to increase your toilet paper’s lifespan.


Are all toilet papers are rounded?

Answer: No, there are lots of toilet paper available which are not rounded. They come in various shapes and designs.

What is the diameter of the toilet roll tube?

Answer: Well, different brands different toilet paper roll tubes come in different sizes. However, according to research, most toilet paper roll tubes come with 12-inch diameters.

What is the difference between toilet paper and tissue paper?

Answer: Basically toilet papers are also known as restroom tissue paper and the main difference between toilet paper and tissue paper is, that toilet paper comes with rolls and tissue paper comes with bundles and infoldings.

How long it does take toilet paper to dissolve in water?

Answer:  Basically, toilet paper will easily dissolve in water and it will take only one to 3 minutes to dissolve in water.

Are toilet paper and tissue paper are same?

Answer: The most simple answer is yes. Toilet paper and tissue paper both are the same. These are the two categories of toilet paper.

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Different toilet paper brands come in different sizes. The size of toilet paper depends on the type of toilet paper because there are different toilet paper rolls available. Through this article, I will discuss with you how long is a toilet paper roll and what was the toilet paper roll dimensions. Stay connected with us and keep visiting the site.

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