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How Much Does A House Weigh

How Much Does A House Weigh & How To Measure It In 2024?

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Do you ever think about how much does a house weigh? It is a very interesting question that my son suddenly asked me. I give him its answer.

After that I think, it is also very essential for our regular readers to know their house weight.

In this article, I will discuss with you the answer of how much does a house weigh what is the weight of a normal house and some house maintenance tips.

Let’s start it.

How Much Does A House Weigh

According to a survey, a general and a normal house weigh between 80,000 pounds to 1,70,000 pounds.

On the other hand, there are lots of factors that are dependent on measuring their house weight including the square feet, materials, what contents they put in their house, the size of that house, and many more.

Some people are also using house weight calculator to calculate their house weight.

Basically, a house’s weight is measured by its square feet. Let suppose you have a house of 1500 square feet, then your house weigh is 3,00,000 pounds.

On the other hand, one more important question is that, these are the normal and general house weighs but how much does a 2 story house weigh?

For 2 story house, per square foot is multiplied by 250 pounds. If you have an 800 square feet 2 story house then your house weighs 800 X 250 = 2,00,000 pounds.

Again lots of houses are made with foundations and some are made without foundations. In this case how much does a house weigh without foundation?

Well, the average weight of a house that is made without foundation is between 80,000 – 160,000 pounds.

Additional Tips: Always keep in mind that, these are the very close approximate weights of a house.

How To Measure Your House Weigh?

How Much Does A House Weigh

How To Measure

Well, there are lots of methods available to determine your house weight. But I will tell you the simplest thumb rule. Using this method, you will easily measure your house weight.

This method is applicable to all types of houses. For this simply measure your house’s width and height. Let’s suppose your house width is 95 feet and height is 80 feet. Now multiply your house height and width.

95 Feet X 85 Feet = 8,075 Total Square Feet 

Now multiply your house’s square feet by 200. Because per square feet is 200 pounds.

8,075 X 200 = 16,15,000 pounds. 

Using this method you will measure the very close approximate weight of your house. By using this method you can’t measure the exact weight of your house because there are lots of factors that are dependent.

Now the question is, how you can measure your house in square feet if you have a rectangular shape house? The easiest solution to this question is, to measure the height and width of your house using any measurement tape and multiply that two numbers.

Let me tell you its answer by giving an example. Let’s suppose your house weight is 50 feet and width is 80 feet then the total square feet is 50 X 80 = 4,000 Square Feet. 

Home Maintenance Tips For New Homeowners

How Much Does A House Weigh

Maintain Tips

It is also very important for you to know, exactly how you can maintain your home properly. When I am newly married I also face this issue. So below I discuss with you some most essential points that will help you to maintain your home.

Vacuum Your Home Regularly

This point is very important for all new homeowners. I would recommend you vacuum your house on a regular basis.

On the other hand, I recommend you to use any wow content vacuum cleaner for vacuuming the floors, or you can also use any robot vacuum cleaner. If you want to vacuum your bed and mattress then you can use any mattress cleaning vacuum cleaner. 

Clean Your Kitchen Area Regularly 

Basically, a kitchen room is the life of a home. Housewives mostly spend their time in the kitchen room so you need to clean it regularly. I would recommend you use any detergent cleaner to clean your kitchen or use any room spray so that the gas smell or any smell issue is solved.

Clean Your House Floors 

This point is very important, basically floor areas are quickly getting dust so that you need to clean it two times a day if possible. In my case, I clean my floors once a day using floor-cleaning detergent. I use fabuloso detergent and you can also use it.

Remove The Dust From Your Room Once A Week 

Dust is very irritating and it feels very bad. Dust will cause lots of health issues. So, removing the dust is also very important. You will use any cloth or any vacuum cleaner to clean it.

Clean Your Chimney Once A Month 

Cleaning your chimney is also very important. Use a long stick and a cloth and start to cleaning the chimney under areas. Do this process once a week.


What is the weight of a brick-made house?

Answer- A brick house weighs between 2,40,00 pounds to 3,50,000 pounds. Keep in mind that these are not the exact values. Because it depends on several factors.

What is the weight of a 4-bedroom house?

Answer- 4 bedroom houses are not much more weigh. if you don’t use large home appliances such as freezer, refrigerator, AC, dishwasher, furniture, etc. Weigh of a 4-bedroom house hardly goes up to 6500 pounds.

What is the per square feet weight for a story house?

Answer- Well, different houses have different pound values a three-story house measures 350 pounds per square foot, a two-story house measures 250 pounds per square foot, and a story or normal house measures 200 pounds for each square foot.

How much does a 24-foot house weigh?

Answer- A tiny house means a 24-foot house’s weight hardly goes between 12,000 LBS to 13,2000 LBS. On the other hand, if you place many items and large home appliances then its weight will be increased.

Do home appliances, and kitchen appliances affect the weight of your house?

Answer- Yes, home appliances and kitchen appliances are 100% matter in your youse weight. On the other hand, house weight depends on several factors, and these values are given only approximate values, not exact values.


In this article, I am not only sharing with you How much does a house weigh without foundation but also sharing with you the technique to measure your house weight for both-story houses, two-story houses, and three-story houses. If you have any complaints regarding this article you can comment below.

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