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How Much Does Alexa Cost

How Much Does Alexa Cost? Here Is The Answer

When new users decide to buy their first Alexa device a question is always in their mind how much does alexa cost? 

Well, it is not a very complicated question as you think. Alexa device’s price point is dependent on which model you want to purchase or what features you want. 

Alexa device has lots of advantages and disadvantages too. In this article, I am going to discuss with you how much does alexa cost and what points will you consider if you going to purchase your first Alexa device. 

Let’s get started it. 

How Much Does Alexa Cost?

As I already mentioned in the above section, Alexa device price is dependent on many factors. But the cheapest Alexa device which starts from 30$ is known as the Echo device. This is the answer of how much does alexa cost

On the other hand, an Amazon Alexa device costs around $100 to $500 and you need to spend extra money for its setup. 

Echo is also an Alexa device that works when you give voice commands. If you think that when you purchase Alexa then you will get all features for free of cost, then you are getting totally wrong information. 

Because Alexa device provides you with some features free of cost such as voice assistant but some features paid such as celebrity voices. 

When you purchase your Alexa device, then you don’t need to add a monthly subscription. It is one of the best advantages of the Alexa device. I hope you will get your answer about how much does alexa cost.

How Alexa Device Is Operated?

How Much Does Alexa Cost

Alexa is a voice command AI assistant, and you will control the Alexa device by two methods such as using its Alexa application which is available for both Android and IOS operating system and another one is by giving voice commands. 

If you want to control all the customization and settings of your Alexa device by using its application then first of all download the application, after that sign in or sign up, and then add your device to it. 

What Free Features Will You Get With Alexa Device?

How Much Does Alexa Cost

There are lots of free features you will get with Alexa. The interesting thing is that you will also change the Alexa voice to Jarvis for free of cost. 

Below we share with you some features that come for free of cost with Alexa. 

  1. The first feature is you will change the Alexa voice to Jarvis without any cost.
  2. Here you will get daily news and weather updates.
  3. Getting information from the internet using the voice commands.
  4. You will control many devices using your Alexa device. 
  5. You will also create a shopping list and other lists.
  6. Using its free feature you will play music any time.
  7. Using its free feature you will manage the call and message notifications. 
  8. The interesting feature is that you will set alarms and timers in it. 
  9. You will control your smart lights and TV using the Alexa device. 
  10. Amazon Alexa provides you free question-and-answer series. Where you will ask questions to your Alexa device. 

How Much Amount It Take to Install The Full Set Of Amazon Alexa To Your Home?

How Much Does Alexa Cost

Well, if you purchase an echo device then it will start from 30$ which is not too expensive but you don’t get too many features in it.

But if you want to install the full set of Amazon Alexa then it will cost you more than $1300. Here you will get lots of features as compared to echo devices. 

One of the most asked doubts is that it is mandatory to have an amazon account to use the Alexa device. Well, its answer is yes. It is mandatory to have an amazon account to use it. But it is not mandatory to have an amazon prime account to use it. 

Additional Expenses If You Install An Alexa Device In Your Home

When you install Alexa Device to your house then you need to spend some extra money for additional setups such as wi-fi and subscription, electricity, and some other devices. 

Devices: It is not mandatory to install Alexa support devices such as smart lights, smart TVs, smart ring doorbells, etc. 

Wi-Fi: Wi-fi stands for wireless fidelity and it provides you with an internet connection to your wi-fi. Install the wi-fi for your Alexa device is mandatory. Because without an internet connection, your device should not work.

Subscription: It is also not mandatory to purchase the subscription. There are lots of free features are come with Alexa devices such as voice command, voice assistant, changing the Alexa voice, etc. Basically subscription helps to watch amazon prime videos and it provides you with some extra features.

5 Advantages Of Alexa Device 

There are lots of advantages will you get if you install an Alexa device in your home. Below we discuss with you some advantages of the Alexa device. 

Phone Calls: It is one of the best advantages will you get. Using an Alexa device you will easily make a phone call without touching your phone. This feature is very helpful for you while working on other things.

Control The Smart Devices: Using an Alexa device you will control your smart devices such as smart lights, smart TVs, your phone, robot vacuum cleaners, your doorbell camera, your AC, and many more by giving them voice commands.

For Getting Daily Updates: Alexa will help you to provide you with daily news updates and weather updates so that you will get in touch with daily updates.

Listening Music: Alexa will play music for free of cost which helps you to freshen your mind and also helps you reduce your stress. 

Alexa Supports multiple languages: If you think that Alexa will understand only English language then you are getting totally wrong information about it. Because Alexa will support multiple languages such as English, German, Hindi, etc. 


Can you play music in Amazon Alexa for free?

Answer- Yes, of course. You will play music for free of cost on your Alexa device. On the other hand, you will also purchase a Spotify premium subscription to get more songs. 

What is the main purpose of Amazon Alexa?

Answer- Basically amazon Alexa is a type of cloud voice AI assistant that mainly works when you give voice commands and this device is used by more than 100 million plus users. Alexa device’s main purpose is to help you to give the right information from the internet by voice.

Does Alexa cost a yearly subscription?

Answer- No, amazon Alexa does not require any type of monthly or yearly subscription. You will need to invest if you want some additional features such as Amazon Prime, and Spotify, for its security, etc. 

What is mandatory for Alexa to work?

Answer- As I already mentioned Alexa is a voice AI assistant so Alexa needs Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to work. There are lots of advantages you will get if you connect your Alexa to the internet.

Can you leave Alexa’s device plugged in all the time?

Answer- Yeah, of course, you will plug in your Alexa device all the time and it does not cause any kind of issue and also it does not consume lots of electricity. 

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Alexa has lots of advantages and it will help to stay connected with daily updates. On the other hand, Alexa supports multiple languages and comes with lots of features. Hope you will get your answer exactly how much does alexa cost? Also, we discuss with you the 5 advantages of the Alexa device. Share your opinion about this article in the comment sections. 

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