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How To Reset Eufy Robovac

4 Easy Steps On How To Reset Eufy Robovac In 2024?

EUFY is also a vacuum cleaner brand that works excellently and provides lots of useful features. Sometimes we face some issues that can easily be solved when we reset our vacuum cleaner.

But it is the main issue how to reset eufy robovac?

I married in 2014 and recently we celebrated our 9th marriage anniversary. In these 9 years, I tried more than 18 vacuum cleaner brands to get experience with vacuums.  

In this article, I will go to share with you the 5 simple steps on how to reset eufy robovac following these simple steps.

Let’s get started it.

How To Reset Eufy Robovac

  1. Find The Start Button
  2. Press The Start Button For 10 Seconds
  3. Wait For Some Time While The Vacuum Restarted
  4. Wait For Flashing The Blue Light

Find The Start Button 

Basically, EUFY robot vacuum reset means resetting its Wi-Fi connection. To resetting your EUFY robovac you need to find out its start button.

Different models are located in their start buttons in different locations. But mostly the start button is located on the bottom part of the vacuum cleaner.

Press The Start Button For 10 Seconds 

After finding the start button in the next step press that start button for 10 seconds until you hear a voice prompt. The voice prompt shows that your EUFY Robovac was successfully reset.

Wait For Some Time While The Vacuum Restarted 

After hearing the voice prompt sound now in now leave the start button and wait for some time. Because after resetting the EUFY robovac was automatically restarted. After restarting the vacuum your vacuum will be successfully restarted.

Wait For Flashing The Blue Light

EUFY’s some vacuum cleaners are flashing blue light when the vacuum is successfully reset. It depends on your vacuum cleaner model. But don’t worry because this process is the same applied to all types of EUFY robot vacuums.

These are the four easy steps on how to reset Eufy Robovac. 

EUFY Vacuum Maintain Tips For Long Lifespan

How To Reset Eufy Robovac

Some beginners don’t take care of their vacuum cleaners in the right way. Because of this reason, they will face many issues.

Below we will discuss with you some points that will help you to maintain your EUFY robot vacuum cleaner so that it will not only give you the best performance but also provide you long lifespan.

  1. First of all, always try to clean your vacuum brush roll. On the other hand, brush roll is also known as the vacuum beater bar.
  2. Must clean its wheels once a week. When your robot vacuum starts moving while cleaning your home there are some pet hairs stored in it and it is essential for you to clean that hair.
  3. If you are using a handheld vacuum cleaner then I would recommend you don’t use your vacuum cleaner for too much time. It will impact your vacuum battery.
  4. When your EUFY robo vac shows you any red light indication then must find out the reason why this light was blinking. Because red light indicates that danger.
  5. If you see any software update on its official application then must update its software. Because software updates provide you latest features that the brand newly developed.
  6. Must clean your vacuum filter once a month. Vacuum filters maintain the air in your vacuum so that it will properly work and give you the best performance.
  7. Service your vacuum cleaner from time to time. Always keep in mind that, when you feel that your vacuum needs a service then must visit their service center.

Are EUFY Robot Vacuum Cleaners Are Worth Buying?

How To Reset Eufy Robovac

Yes, of course. EUFY robot vacuum cleaners are worth buying. Because their vacuum cleaners are popular for their build quality and their performance.

I have used EUFY robo vac for 1 year and this vacuum cleaner does not disappoint me. Overall it is a good vacuum cleaner that gives give best performance with an affordable budget segment.


Is EUFY a trusted vacuum brand?

Answer- Yes, EUFY is 100% trusted and a well-reputed brand in the United States of America. EUFY manufactures verities of vacuum cleaners that not only give you the best performance but also give you the best battery backup.

Can you change the cleaning modes on EUFY robot vacuums?

Answer- Well, its answer depends on which vacuum model you purchase from the EUFY brand. Because its cleaning modes depend on its vacuum model. Because some models come with different cleaning modes and some are not.

Will you get any advantages if you reset your EUFY robot vacuum cleaner?

Answer- Its answer is yes. You will get lots of advantages if you reset your EUFY robot vacuum cleaner such as you will fix some technical issues, it will fixed your glitches issues, it will fix your internet issues, and many more.

If you reset your EUFY robot vacuum cleaner will you lose all of the data which you imported into the vacuum cleaner?

Answer- Its answer is yes. When you rest your EUFY robot vacuum cleaner you will lose all of the data that you imported here including all custom settings, uploaded maps, wi-fi settings, and many more.

When did you reset your EUFY robot vacuum cleaner?

Answer- Well, it does not have any fixed time on when you reset your robot vacuum cleaner. I would suggest that when you face any glitch issue or any technical issue then you can reset your EUFY robot vacuum cleaner.

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Hope you will enjoy this article and get your answer about how to reset eufy robovac. How was the article you can share your thoughts in the comment section and we would love to hear your suggestions or opinions about this article.

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