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Roomba Error 43

7 Effective Ways To Fix The Roomba Error 43 Issue In 2024

Roomba is a popular vacuum cleaner brand that manufactures verities of vacuum cleaners for different kinds of purposes. 

Sometimes some users are facing Roomba Error 43 code. At that time lots of users are taking this issue too seriously and some users are taking this issue lightly. 

Basically, when I used Roomba for 2 months I also faced the Roomba Error 43 issue. Don’t worry because it is a totally normal issue. This issue happens when your Roomba is stuck in a particular location. 

Through this blog post, I will discuss with you 7 methods on how you can fix the Roomba Error 43 issue yourself.

Let’s start it. 

Roomba Error 43

  1. Change Your Roomba Vacuum’s Location 
  2. Update The Software 
  3. Remove The Obstacles From The Vacuums Path 
  4. Clean Your Roomba Vacuum Sensor 
  5. Change Your Roomba Vacuum Filter
  6. Format Your Roomba Vacuum
  7. Clean The Vacuum Wheels

Change Your Roomba Vacuum’s Location 

As I already mentioned in the above section when your Roomba is stuck in a particular location you will face a Roomba Error 43 issue. 

To solve this issue simply change your vacuum locations. I would recommend you place your vacuum in a place, where there no obstacles are placed such as chairs, furniture, beds, etc. 

It is one of the best working methods for fixing the Roomba Error 43 issue. In my case, I applied this same method to fixing my issue and I hope this issue method also helps you to fix your problem. 

Update The Software 

Basically, if your Roomba vacuum does not update from time to time then it shows some glitches in its system. It is also a reasonable reason for facing the Roomba Error 43 issue. 

Software updates are helpful for your Roomba device. Because it will provide the latest features through these updates. 

To update the software simply download its official application, login to it, then click on the three lines, after clicking that you will a separate section where you will see update the software section. Simply click it and update the software.

 While updating the software you will need an active internet connection. 

Remove The Obstacles From The Vacuums Path 

If you are still facing the Roomba error 43 code then it may be happening due to the obstacles issues. Obstacles are the large particles such as chairs, furniture, beds, toys, refrigerators, washing machines, and others are come on your vacuum cleaning path. 

Because of this reason, your Roomba vacuum cleaner shows that 43 error code. To fix this issue simply remove all the obstacles from your vacuum’s path and your issue will be successfully fixed.

Clean Your Roomba Vacuum Sensor 

Basically, the sensor plays a very essential role in a vacuum cleaner. The sensor helps to properly navigate the vacuum to cleaning. If the sensor is dirty or if the sensor has any issue then your Roomba vacuum is not able to properly navigate its path. 

It is one of the most reasonable reasons why you will facing Roomba error code 43 issues. To fix this issue identify whether your vacuum is dirty or not. If it is dirty then simply clean it using a soft or clean cloth.

Additionally, you will also use some drops of alcohol to clean the vacuum sensor properly. I would recommend you that clean your vacuum sensor once a month.

Change Your Roomba Vacuum Filter 

In vacuum cleaners, there are two types of filters and filters maintain the air level of the vacuums so that it will work properly. 

If the filter is dirty or if there are any obstacles stored in it then your vacuum is not able to move on or find its location for cleaning. In this case, you will face the Roomba error code 43 issue. 

The best solution to fixing this issue is to replace the old vacuum filter with a new one. Always keep in mind that while purchasing the vacuum filter must consider that you will use the original product and must read the description section of that filter.

Format Your Roomba Vacuum 

Formatting your Roomba vacuum cleaner is one of the most effective ways to fix the Roomba 43 error code. 

Mostly you will format or hard reset your Roomba vacuum cleaner using two methods. The first one is using its application i Robot Home App and the second one is using its hard reset button. 

But keep in mind that, when you hard reset your Roomba vacuum cleaner you will lose all of your settings, your uploaded maps, and many more. This means all the settings are set by default. 

If you want to format your Roomba vacuum cleaner you can watch this video tutorial. 

Clean The Vacuum Wheels

Sometimes Roomba vacuum wheels are locked because of some debris or pet hairs jam its wheels and as a result, your vacuum cleaner is not able to move correctly. So that it will show the error code 43 issue. 

To fix this issue simply use a small-sized brush, and a clean cloth and start cleaning its wheels. Always clean the wheels gently so that you won’t face any damage.

Does Roomba Error 43 Is A Serious Issue?

Well, it is not as serious an issue as you think. Because it is totally a normal issue and you will easily fix this this issue at home. 

Facing an issue with your vacuum cleaner proves that you aren’t taking care of your Roomba vacuum cleaner correctly. 

I would recommend you that, clean your Roomba vacuum cleaner once a week and must check that your vacuum has any issues or not once a month. Because these home gadgets need proper maintenance. 

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If you are facing the Roomba Error 43 issue then keep relaxed and don’t think too much about it. These are common issues. These seven methods will help you to fix this problem. If you are still facing this issue then you can talk with Roomba vacuums customer care agents for a quick guide. How was the article you can share your thoughts in the comment section? 

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