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Urine stain around base of toilet

Urine Stain Around Base Of Toilet: Why & How To Fix It?

Urine stain around base of toilet is a most common problem that lots of house owners face and it is also very easy to solve this. 

To know the whole removal process from your toilet read this whole article.

Why Urine Stain Around Base Of Toilet

Before we go to the solution of how to fix the urine stain around base of toilet issue it is very important for you to know exactly why this issue occurred with you. 

Poor Maintenance 

Poor maintenance is one of the most common issues that’s why you will face urine stains around your toilet. If you don’t clean your toilet from time to time, do not use any toilet cleaner, or do not use any scrubber then you will face this issue. 

On the other hand, urine stains are very sticky so you will need to properly maintain your toilet regularly. 

Lose Toilet Tee Bolts 

Basically, this issue happens to only 5 to 10% of people because this issue happens very rarely. Basically, Toilet Tee Bolts are found on the bottom part of the toilet. 

If You Don’t Use Any Toilet Cleaner 

Toilet cleaner plays a very crucial role in cleaning your toilet. If you don’t use any toilet cleaner or any liquid cleaner to clean your toilet then you will face urine stain issues because urine stains are very sticky as I already said.

Due To the Wax Ring Seal 

If your wax ring seal is damaged then it will cause a leak issue in your toilet. Because of the broken part, urine can leak and store around your toilet and after drying it will cause a yellow urine issue. 

How To Remove Urine Stain Around Base Of Toilet

Urine stain around base of toilet

To fix the Urine stain around base of toilet Issue below we discuss with you some simple steps that you can follow to remove the urine stains from your toilet. Before cleaning your toilet I would recommend you wear a mask and hand gloves. 

  1. First of all, take a bucket and fill in some amount of water. 
  2. Now in that bucket mix some amount of any toilet cleaner and mix it.
  3. Now simply wash your toilet using the normal water.
  4. Now use a cloth and dip into that mixture that you create using the toilet cleaner and start to apply the mixture to the urine stain parts. 
  5. After applying use any scrubber and start to scrub the whole toilet, especially the urine stain parts. 
  6. After scrubbing simply wash the whole toilet using normal water and leave it to dry.
  7. If the stain is too old and fully dried you will need to follow this process multiple times. 

This is the right method for solving the urine stain around base of toilet Issue. Now let’s talk about what will other alternative methods to remove the urine stain issue from your toilet. 

What Will You Use To Remove The Urine Stain Around Base Of Toilet

Urine Stain Around Base Of Toilet


Vinegar is a most used household product which you will use for many work purposes. First of all, take some amount of warm water and add there small amount of vinegar according to your needs. Now simply leave that mixture some time approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Now take a brush and start to apply it on the stain part and then clean it using normal water. 

Use Dishwasher Cleaner 

You can not only use a dishwasher cleaner to clean your plates but also you will use it to clean your toilet stains. Take some amount of dishwasher cleaner then add one cup of water and use it using any brush.

Shaving Cream 

Shaving cream is a very effective way to remove the urine stains around your toilet. I know you are now thinking what shaving cream! Well, well calm down and relax. 

Basically shaving cream contains lots of ingredients that act like a cleaning agent. Simply apply enough quantity of shaving cream around your toilet. Now wear hand gloves and simply use any sponge or any cloth then speared the saving cream and leave the shaving cream for 30 to 40 minutes. 

After that use a scrubber or any brush and start to scrub the urine stain parts. This method works very well, and I personally used it many times. 

Hydrogen Peroxide 

Hydrogen peroxide is also the best method to remove urine stains from around your toilet. Hydrogen peroxide acts with the urine stains and then it will help to remove the stains. 

Simply add some amount of hydrogen peroxide around your toilet part and leave it for a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes and then scrub and wash it using normal water.

Cleaning Products 

As I already said there are lots of cleaning products available on the market which are specially used for cleaning the toilet. According to your need and your usage purchase a commercial product and apply it.

Baking Soda 

Baking soda is one of my favorite methods which I use many times for cleaning my house floors and my toilets. On the other hand, you will also use baking soda for cleaning your clothes. Add some amount of baking soda with warm water and apply it on the stain part and after some time use a brush and clean it.

These are the alternative methods that you can use to remove the urine stain around base of toilet. All these methods work very effectively. 

Is Urine Stain Harmful For Your Body? 

Well, its answer is yes. Urine stains are harmful to the human body. The reason is urine contains lots of bacteria and waste ingredients in your body so that it is not good for your body. 

On the other hand, urine stains cause lots of diseases in the human body so I highly suggest you quickly take steps to remove the urine around your toilet there are lots of ways available to remove the stain marts around your toilet.

Is It Possible To Remove The Old Urine Stain Marks From Your Toilet?

Urine Stain Around Base Of Toilet

Yes, it is possible to remove the old stain marks from your toilet. But the condition is you will need to repeat the cleaning process multiple times because as I already said, urine stains are very sticky and can’t remove easily. 

You will use any commercial toilet cleaning products multiple times to remove the old urine stain marks. On the other hand, bleach and baking soda combination is one of the best solutions to solving this problem. 

How To Protect Your Bathroom From Urine Stains Marks?

Urine Stain Around Base Of Toilet

I remember a very famous line that is, Prevention is always better than cure. Below we will discuss with you some methods that help you to protect your bathroom from urine so that you will not face the urine issue on your toilet.

There are many types of mats available according to different uses and different sizes. Use floor matt in your bathroom so that the urine issue will be prevented. 

When you see urine is spotted around your toilet then immediately clean it so that it will not cause any stain marks issue. 

Always change the toilet caulk from time to time. Because sometimes urine leaks from the toilet through the broken toilet caulk I would recommend you repair or change the toilet caulk. 

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If you take care of your toilet and clean your toilet time to time then you don’t face urine issues on your toilet. Through this article, I will discuss with you exactly why urine stain around base of toilet and how you will fix this issue. Which method is best according to your opinion comment below. 

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