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Does Polyester Shrink

Does Polyester Shrink? Here Is The Answer In 2024

Polyester is one of the best fabrics in this world but do you ever think about does polyester shrink

I know it is a very interesting and exciting question that everyone wants to know. Calm down, in this article, I am not only going to discuss with you does polyester shrink or not or some advantage and disadvantages about polyester. 

Polyester is well popular for its comfort and for their quality. Polyester is one of the most used fabrics in the world. 

Also here I discuss with you exactly what is polyester and how you will take care of polyester material effectively. 

Let’s start the article. 

Does Polyester Shrink

Well, if you want to know does polyester shrink or not then the answer is yes. Polyester is shrink. Now the question is when the polyester has started to shrink. 

When you apply too much heat or if you repeatedly wash the polyester then it starts shrinking. Again lots of people are thinking that, does polyester is more shrinkable than wools and cottons. Well, its answer is polyester is more shrinkable than wool or cotton fabric. 

Again Does polyester shrink in washing machine? Well, its answer is both yes and no. If you apply too much heat or if your polyester is a little bit old then it will start shrinking on the washing machine. Otherwise, if you properly take care of your polyester fabric then it will maintain its shape for a long time period. 

I hope you will get your answer about does polyester shrink or not. Now let’s discuss exactly what is polyester. 

What Is Polyester? 

Does Polyester Shrink

Basically polyester is a type of fabric and a form of textile. Polyester is made by combining two words and those two words have different meanings. Polyester is a type of plastic material. One of the most exciting things is that there are lots of polyesters made from plants and some polyesters are made from petroleum materials. Lots of people like polyester and some are not. 

On the other hand, polyesters are very handy and healthy fabrics. Polyester is made by humans using synthetic or polyester fibers. Polyester fabrics have their own advantages and disadvantages too. 

Top 5 Usages Of Polyester Fabrics 

Does Polyester Shrink

Polyester is not only used for only making clothes but also it is used for multiple purposes. Below we discuss with you 5 of the top usages of polyester fabric. 

Footwear: Nowadays polyester is mostly used on footwear which makes it more comfortable and looks great. 

Clothes: Basically Polyester is very popular for making clothes. Because Polyester clothes are very comfortable and they look very stylish.

Blazer: A blazer is one of the most used cloth materials which mostly both men and women love to wear. Polyester blazers look very stylish and it looks very shiny. 

Sportswear: Polyester is also used in sportswear purpose for making sports shirts, pants, etc. 

Bags: On the other hand, polyester is also used to make bags for both males and females. 

Does Polyester Shrink In Dryer Or Any Washer?

I think this question is very interesting and lots of people want to know. Well, its answer is both yes and no.

Because this answer depends on the conditions of your polyester fabric. In some rare cases, polyester starts to shrink if you give heat. On the other hand, polyester starts to shrink if you repeatedly put it into the washer or dryer. 

However polyester is less shrinkable as compared to other fabrics such as wool, cloth, nylon, etc. On the other hand, polyester conditions depend on your care and your usage. 

What To Consider Before And While Washing The Polyester

Does Polyester Shrink

What To Consider Before And While Washing The Polyester


I would recommend you don’t wash your polyester fabrics on a regular basis because it will reduce the quality of polyester and it not last for a long time. Below we discuss with you 

  1. First of all, I would recommend you don’t wash your polyester fabrics for too much time or on a regular basis. Because polyester will quickly absorb the water and start to shrink itself. 
  2. Don’t use hot water to clean your polyester fabric. 
  3. I would personally recommend you avoid any heat or dryer. 
  4. Don’t use cheap or normal detergent to wash your polyester. Because it will 80% damage your polyester fabric.
  5. I also recommend you not leave your polyester material in water for too much time.
  6. Don’t leave your polyester fabric under direct sunlight for the whole day.
  7. Try to avoid bleaching your fabric.
  8. Don’t iron your polyester fabric using too much heat. The cold iron method is best for polyester. 

Is It Possible To Shrink Polyester When You Want?

Well, this question answer is yes. You will 100% shrink the polyester fabric when you want. If yes then how? 

Bellow we discuss with you the right process which you can follow to shrink your polyester fabric. 

  1. First of all, wash your polyester fabric using heat. Always remember that heat is a very effective process to shrink your polyester. 
  2. Use any dryer or iron to give heat to your polyester so that it will start to shrink.
  3. Now the question is how much amount heat you will apply in your dryer to shrink the polyester. According to my experience, I would recommend you that apply 135°F (57°C) heat if your dryer has this option otherwise you can apply below 135°F (57°C) temperate but you need to wait for some time.
  4. After applying the heat repeatedly check whether your polyester fabric is shrinking or not. Repeat this process again and again 

Advantages & Drawbacks Of Polyester 

There are lots of advantages and disadvantages are having polyester material. Below we discuss with you some advantages and disadvantages of polyester materials. 


  1. Polyester is very comfortable and smooth to use.
  2. Polyester is very breathable
  3. On the other hand, polyester is recyclable. 
  4. Polyester is very durable 
  5. Most polyester materials are stain-resistant 
  6. One of the best advantages of polyester is it is very affordable compared to any other fabric. 
  7. Polyester is a very versatile fabric.


  1. Sometimes polyester causes yellow armpit problems 
  2. Cause printing issue 
  3. Some polyester fabrics are made with plastic material 
  4. Some polyester fabrics are not natural
  5. It started to stretch when you applied heat 
  6. Polyester is not daily washable on water 
  7. It is not 100% nature-friendly 

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Polyester is a good material that is very breathable and comfortable and on the other hand, it is less expensive and very affordable. I hope you will get your answer about does polyester shrink or not. Polyester has its own advantages and disadvantages too. Polyester will never shrink if you take care of it properly. 

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