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When Is It Bad Luck To Wash Clothes

When Is It Bad Luck To Wash Clothes? According To Astrology

Washing your clothes from time to time is a good habit. Clean clothes provide you with a fresh look and help to boost your confidence.

Lots of people are thinking about when is it bad luck to wash clothes. Does it really matter? In 2024, lots of people believe in astrology.

They, think that, if you wash your clothes on a specific day then maybe your whole year is getting bad for you.

Well, in this article, I will share with you when is it bad luck to wash clothes, and also I will discuss with you whether it is really a myth or not.

Let’s explore it.

When Is It Bad Luck To Wash Clothes

  1. Christmas Day
  2. 1st January
  3. Good Friday
  4. Saturday
  5. Chinese Year
  6. On Your Birthday

According to astrology, there are some days that are available if you wash your clothes on those days then maybe you will face bad luck for the whole year.

Below we discuss with you these days which you can fully avoid washing your clothes.

Christmas Day 

Christmas Day is one of the most famous days in the world. It’s a worldwide festival and on that day all people are enjoying that day and hoping for gifts from Santa. I would recommend you to avoid washing your clothes on that day.

1st January 

Basically, 1st January is also known as the new year day and this day is the beginning of that year. Lots of people think that, if you wash your clothes on that, then this year can be bad for you.

According to astrology, they said that, if you want to start up a new project then this day can be a perfect day for you. Astrology says that, if you do something at the beginning of that year then this work will reflect in this whole year.

Good Friday 

Good Friday is one of the most famous days in the United States of America. Most laundry people are said that avoid to washing their clothes on this day.

Because they believe that, if you wash your clothes on this day then the whole year will be getting bad for you. Because of this reason banks and laundry shops are closed on that day.


Basically, Saturday is also known as the morning day. Because in that day all offices, bank and laundry’s are opened on early morning. And Saturday also makes your food very fresh.

Because of this reason, lots of astrology experts mentioned that, don’t wash your clothes early morning, especially on Saturday. It is one of the most reasonable reasons when is it bad luck to wash clothes.

Chinese Year 

The Chinese year is also known as the birthday of the water god. And on that day most offices and laundries are closed to celebrate this year and people are thinking that, if you wash your clothes on this day then this process repeat this whole year.

On Your Birthday 

Your birthday is a very special and unique day for you. I would recommend you to enjoy this day. Because this day reminds you of lots of things.

People believe that, if you do something special on your birthday then this year will contain lots of happiness and it will give you the energy to do something.

How To Wash Your Cloths Properly?

When Is It Bad Luck To Wash Clothes

There are lots of methods available to wash your clothes. Below we share with you the easiest guide on how to wash your clothes properly so that it will provide you best cleaning Ness.

  1. First of all take your clothes and di them on normal water before cleaning them.
  2. Now simply take some cleaning detergent and put it in the washing machine container. Keep in mind that, cloth cleaning detergents come in two variants one liquid variant and another one in powder form.
  3. If you are washing your clothes using a washing machine, simply put in one bucket of water, and 2 cups of detergent, and put there 4 to 5 clothes and start the washing machine.
  4. After that wait to remove the clothes from the washing machine and leave them to dry. Keep in mind that don’t leave your clothes directly under the sunlight otherwise, your colors are started to fade. You can leave it in under your house.
  5. If you don’t use a washing machine then mix some detergent and some water in a bucket dip the clothes into the bucket and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. After that take a scrub and start scrubbing the cloths.

These are the right process on how to clean your clothes correctly so that your clothes last long.

Which Time Is Best For Cleaning Cloths?

When Is It Bad Luck To Wash Clothes

There is no fixed time to clean your clothes. Whenever you have free time you will easily clean your clothes. According to astrology, some experts have mentioned that Sunday is the best day for cleaning your clothes.

If you want to which time is best for cleaning your clothes, then between 6 to 10 in the morning and between 4 to 8 at night is the perfect time for cleaning your clothes. On the other hand, don’t wash your clothes on any special occasions.

I think you will get your answer about when is it bad luck to wash clothes. Lots of people also think that, does it is a myth. Well, it does not have sufficient proof to show that it is a myth. Some experts say that it is real and some are said that it does not.

Detergent Vs Non-Detergent Which Is Best For Cleaning Cloth?

Well, it depends on your type of clothes. Because some clothes are easily washable on detergent and some are not. According to my personal experience, I would say that using the detergent for your clothes will provide you best cleaning experience.

Because detergents are specially made to clean your clothes. There are lots of types of detergents available for considering different kinds of cloth such as nylon, cotton, wool, polyester etc.

It is also very dangerous for you to use the wrong cleaning detergent for your clothes. It may damage your clothing quality.

Is It Bad To Cleaning Your Clothes At Night Time? 

Some people are saying it is good and some people are saying it is bad. What was the reality of this question?

Well according to astrology, it said that cleaning your clothes at night time is not good. The reason is that, when you clean your clothes at night time, then the clothes are not drying properly. Chances are high that your clothes may be causing sprinkle issues. Because of this reason, it is not recommended you to wash your clothes at night time.

Is It Safe To Wash Your Clothes Using Warm Water?

Well, its answer is no. I don’t recommend you wash your clothes using warm or hot water because it is not suitable for your cloth fabric.

But if you want to remove any stains from your clothes then you can use a little amount of hot or warm water and some amount of vinegar to apply it.

Instead of using any warm water, I would recommend you use normal water. Because it is safe your cloths from several damages.


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Wearing clean clothes helps you to show your personality and it will help to boost your confidence level in front of someone. That is why cleaning your clothes from time to time is very essential.

I hope you will get your answer about when is it bad luck to wash clothesDoes it is a myth or not we discuss with you how to clean your clothes correctly. You can give your feedback in the comment sections.

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