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How Much Does A Toilet Weigh

Here Is The Answer Of How Much Does A Toilet Weigh?

While buying a new toilet or replacing the toilet a question is always in your mind that is how much does a toilet weigh?

So, Let’s discuss the answer to this question.

How Much Does A Toilet Weigh

Basically, a toilet’s average weight is between 70 to 120 pounds which is 31.75 to 54.43 in KG, and on the other hand, the weight of the toilet depends on several factors. 

There are many varieties of toilets available on the market. A basic two-piece toilets weigh is around between 65 to 110 Pounds which is 29.48 to 49.89 KG.

On the other hand, the most commonly used one-piece toilets weigh is around between 80 to 125 pounds which is 36.28 to 56.69 in KG.

As I already said in the above section weight of a toilet depends on several factors including the size of the toilet, design of the toilet, types of toilet, brands of the toilet, and many more.

And keeps in mind that these are not the exact weight of a toilet. These are the approximate values. I hope you will get your answer about how much does a toilet weigh.

What Makes Your Toilet Heavy?

How Much Does A Toilet Weigh

There are lots of factors depending on your toilet’s weight. Below we discuss with you some of the most common factors that make your toilet heavy.

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Basically, the footprint is placed exactly where the bottom of the toilet meets your floor surface. The size of the footprint of your toilet depends on the space of your room where you want to place the toilet.

Footprint plays an essential role in the weight of your toilet. As compared to commercial toilets footprint, regular and compact toilets are less thinner.

Used Material

Basically, almost 95% of toilets are made with porcelain material and porcelain is made with by combination of some types of clay.

But there are 80% of kaolin clay is used to manufacture porcelain material. Porcelain is very durable and porcelain plays a very important role in your toilet’s weight.

Size Of Your Toilet

The last factor is the design and size of your toilet. If the toilet is too large, then it will be too heavy as compared to a smaller size toilet because large toilets contain too much amount of porcelain.

Can One Person Lift A Toilet

How Much Does A Toilet Weigh

The simple answer is yes. A person can easily lift a regular-use toilet whose weight is between 31 to 54 KG. Because a man can easily lift almost 60 to 70 kg and toilet is not too heavy for a people.

On the other hand, this question’s answer is also depending on the size of that toilet. Because some commercial toilets are a little bit heavy as compared to a normal and regular-use toilets.

A man can easily lift both one-piece and two-piece toilets and easily move them from one place to another place. I would recommend that you, wear safety accessories while lifting the toilet.

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Can A Woman Carry A Toilet With Him?    

The simple answer is yes. Women easily carry a toilet with them. As I already said it in the above section regular toilets weigh between 31 to 54 kg and a woman easily carries 65 KG.

Basically, regular and normal-use toilets are less heavy as compared to any commercial toilet. On the other hand, to lift commercial toilets you need a minimum of 2 to 3 people.

5 Different Types of Toilets 

How Much Does A Toilet Weigh

Basically, there are different types of toilets available on the market. Below we discuss with you some most common types of toilets.

Regular Toilets

Basically, regular toilets are less expensive as compared to commercial toilets. These types of toilets are used for personal use or home use purposes.

Dual Flush Toilets 

This is a unique type of toilet. This toilet comes with two flush buttons for better flushing. Its two flushing options are half flush and full flush.

Basically, its full flush option is used to flush the solid waste and its half flush is used to flush the liquid waste.

Composting Toilet 

Basically, these types of toilets are made with bulking materials such as chip and coconut coir. These toilets are eco-friendly.

Up Flush Toilets 

Basically, these types of toilets are suitable for both commercial and home use purposes and they will fit with anywhere in your home and it will provide you a professional look. This type of toilet is connected with a small pipe and a macerator toilet unit.

Gravity Flush Toilet 

Basically, these types of toilets are used for home use purposes and they are easy to maintain. These types of toilets are available in both local stores and online stores.

Gravity toilets are directly connected to your water tank, and they will run the water using the fill valve. One of the biggest advantages of this toilet is when the toilet tank is full automatically water filling will be stopped.

Can Toilet Weight Depends On Its Price?

Well, its answer is both yes and know. Some toilet brands increase their price according to their toilet weight and some brands are not. Its direct answer is dependent on its toilet brand.

On the other hand, toilet prices depend on several factors such as their quality, brand, size, toilet type, and many more.

Top 5 Toilet Brands In USA 

How Much Does A Toilet Weigh

There are different types of toilets available on the market, I share with you the top 5 toilet brands that are very famous in the USA.


Basically, Toto was founded in 1917 and now it is one of the best toilet brands in the U.S.A. Toto is a Japanese toilet brand and its headquarters is located in Kitakyushu which is located in Japan. This toilet brand is very popular for its water flushing and its design.


Basically, Delta not only sells their toilets but also sells home appliance products. Delta is well known for its sleek design and for its strong build quality. Delta’s Delta Foundation toilet is very famous in the U.S.A. Delta was founded in the 1930s and after that, it became the most famous brand in the United States.


Kohler is an Australian company and its toilet is very famous in the U.S.A. Kohler manufactures all products in Wisconsin and it was founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler.

American Standard 

As you know by seeing the name it is an American brand that manufactures all its products in the North part of America.

American Standard started in 1875 and its headquarter is Piscataway. Its toilets are well famous for their build quality and for their performance.


Sterling has the part of Kohler’s brand since 1984 and this brand’s toilets come with a very affordable price segment and also come with a very sleek design.

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Weigh of the toilet mainly depends on the type of toilet and the size of the toilet. In this article, I will share with you how much does a toilet weigh and what factors depend on the weight of the toilet. If you want any kind of help regarding home advice or home improvement you can contact us by visiting our Contact Us page.

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